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Steven Mann

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  1. too far from town to learn
    by GoldFlakePaint
  2. X
    by Bratboy
  3. Shameless Money Grab
    by Crywank
  4. soft opening
    by PALE RED
  5. judas hung himself in america
    by mathew lee cothran
  6. Night Language
    by Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon
  7. DC Snuff Film / Waste Yrself
    by teen suicide
  8. lackluster
    by the sycamores
  9. dark sided stuff ((demos + b-sides from hoodwink'd))
    by LVL UP
  10. Pinhead's Paradise
    by Oh No! Yoko
  11. Nervous Like Me
    by Cayetana
  12. Blame Confusion
    by Solids
  13. Hoodwink'd
    by LVL UP
    by Loner Chic
  15. believe in ourselves
  17. Could Be Bitter Forever
    by Chris Cappello
  18. Khyber Comp Volume II
    by The Khyber Comp.
    Because I'm a terrible ex- Nova Scotian who never went to a show at the Khyber. This is my redemption recommendation.
  19. Everything, Everything
    by Shotgun Jimmie
    3212 3212
    Holy hundreds of hooks Hodor! Each track is a whole new quick adventure that at the end of it leaves you feeling refreshed / crushed that all of your band's songs sound the same.
  20. how did we get so fucked, so fast?
    by Cory Walling And The Valley ... Ums?
  21. holo pleasures
    by elvis depressedly
  22. to be close to you
    by Julia Brown
  23. Mega Man 3 Remade
    by RushJet1
  24. Return to...
    by Convoys
  25. there when you need it
    by Johnny Foreigner
    with who, who and what i've got (with peach) with who, who and what i've got (with peach)
    I had thought Johnny Foreigner had come and gone, but there was this, and even others, all leading to their current release on Alcopop which is 18 kinds of awesomesauce!
  26. hotter sadness
    by elvis depressedly
  27. i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body
    by teen suicide
    give me back to the sky give me back to the sky
    This is what turning on some microphones and recording some damn music is all about!
  28. TRYING
  29. mickey's dead
    by elvis depressedly
  30. Greetings from Hangover City
    Manic Manic
    So much rock. You wouldn't think of it to talk to them. They are sneaky and scary like that. xox
  31. Civilized City
    by Hermetic
  32. o' burro
    by Safety Show
    appears in 1 other collection
  33. Space Brothers
    by LVL UP
    Black Mass Black Mass
    The best shortest songs for my ADD riddled mind. One of two bands (the other is Titus Andronicus) that makes me wish I was in a 5+ member band.
  34. seeing little ghosts everywhere
    by Ricky Eat Acid
  35. goner
    by elvis depressedly
    die in the summertime (r.j.e) die in the summertime (r.j.e)
    My first exposure to the many works of Mat Cothran. I'm actually surprised I don't also have some Coma Cinema on my page... I think I need to give him some more money...
  36. Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad of the Space Babies
    by Jim Guthrie
  37. PAU PAU
    by Oh No! Yoko
    Buki Bag Buki Bag
    If you don't like this record then we can't be on a desert island together; unless you are delicious.
  38. no caps
    Holy shit this is a good album. I hugged Giles hello in a bar too loud to speak in last weekend mostly because of this album.
  39. Arms Legs Feet
    by Jonny Dylan Hughes
  40. Philosoraptor
    by Philoceraptor
    Clever Girl Clever Girl
    SHAMELESS PLUG! Philoceraptor for Mayor!