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  1. The Fool, The Creeper, The Masochist (single)
    by Child Bite
  2. Blood from the Lion's Mouth
    by Barishi
  3. Hero
    by BØLZER
    Hero Hero
    So much atmosphere, amazing and epic lyrics/vocals... So much more about this album is godlike. No pun intended.
  4. Labyrinth Constellation
  5. Rogue Fossil
    by VIRUS
  6. Sex & Violence
    by Virus
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  7. Heartless
    by Pallbearer
    Dancing In Madness Dancing In Madness
    Words are not enough to express how amazing this album is...
  8. Music for Humans
    by Computer Man
    Defragment the Disk (It Should Be Pretty Easy for You) Defragment the Disk (It Should Be Pretty Easy for You)
    Huh... It feels like... Li... Like this was made for me... Us.
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  9. Meanderthal
    by Torche
  10. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind EP
    by Joy Departed
    I, The Narcissist I, The Narcissist
    Been a while since I heard some good djenty stuff. This is phenomenal.
  11. Infrared Horizon
  12. Urraca
    by Sunless
    Born of Clay Born of Clay
    This album is everything I love in metal. Punishing hits to sickening melodies and general discord.
  13. Hope Attrition
    by Woe
  14. Mind Cemeteries
    by Coma Cluster Void
    Path Of Lies Path Of Lies
    This album is as chaotic as it gets while still remaining coherent. Get ready to flail around with your eyes in the back of your head in a trance of dissonance.
  15. Ygg huur
    by Krallice
    Over Spirit Over Spirit
    Unbelievable... Speechless...
  16. The Cosmic Cornucopia
    by Slugdge
  17. With Hunger Undying
    by Ur Draugr
    Cult Of The Greatwurm Cult Of The Greatwurm
  18. The Wretched Ascetic
    by Ur Draugr
    The Wretched Ascetic The Wretched Ascetic
    So mystical, dark, atmospheric, scary... Amazing.
  19. Drunk On Blood 2009
    A Year Later (There's still meat left in the skull) A Year Later (There's still meat left in the skull)
    Such badass lyrics and creative song writing.
  20. Nihl
    Batherex Batherex
    Some of the darkest and most engaging stuff I've ever heard. This is a masterpiece for sure.