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  1. Random Access Fhqwhgads
    by Strong Bad vs. Daft Punk
    Get Lucky To The Limit Get Lucky To The Limit
  2. Pleasure Nexus Skeleton Zone Ultimate Dad
    by HELL ORBS
    Pizza Time Pizza Time
  3. Penumbra
    by Klaus Morlock
    Arrival Arrival
  4. Middle Class Fashion EP
    by Middle Class Fashion
    My Attack My Attack
  5. Girl Talk
    by Middle Class Fashion
    Lightning Bugs Lightning Bugs
  6. Jungle
    by Middle Class Fashion
    Go Phantom Go Phantom
    Rarely I find an album that's solid from start to finish, when I'm never tempted to fast-forward or rewind coz all the songs are terrific. And alas, nothing can ever seem to surpass that musical paragon. Everyone has albums like that and they're often your first taste of a new band or new genre, precious beyond anything you could ever reasonably pay. And maybe each album is THAT album for somebody...but I suspect some albums are better suited to it than others, like"Jungle".
  7. One and One Story Soundtrack
    by David Carney
    Once We Were Shadows Once We Were Shadows
  8. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
    Key Key
  9. Word Salad
    by Micah Buzan
    Phantoms Phantoms