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  1. Lucid Again
    by Clowns
    Pickle Pickle
  2. Nothing Gives
    by Slowcoaches
    Norms & Values Norms & Values
  3. Rivals
    by We Set Sail
    Do you remember when we could go to shows and yell out: "Play More than Tape!" Do you remember when we could go to shows and yell out: "Play More than Tape!"
  4. Feel Nothing
    by we set sail
    This Machine Destroys Everything! This Machine Destroys Everything!
    Oh my fucken God............track 4..........oh my fucken God , the whole damn album!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Live at the Goon Den
    by Wil Wagner
    I Aint Safe I Aint Safe
  6. Camp Cope
    by CAMP COPE
    Done Done
  7. I'm Not Right
    by Clowns
    You've Got The Curse You've Got The Curse
  8. Bad Blood
    by Clowns
    Swallow Your Dreams Swallow Your Dreams
    The best shit to come out of Melbourne in a long time. Furiously fast, pumped with energy, this will send you fucken crazy! And live, well.....if you haven't seen you wouldn't believe...get on board and get ruined.

  9. No Mans Land
    by Tommy Guerrero
    The Gunslinger The Gunslinger
    This is the first album of Tommys I have heard, and I absolutely love it!! Cant pick a favourite track yet, too wrapped up in all of it to decide yet!! Thanks Tommy, you bought me much joy as a 16 yr old skater and have done it again in my 40s!! Much love to you!!

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