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Steve Fowler

  1. Louisville, Kentucky
  2. Pop
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  1. Odds
    by PRJCTR
    Pray To The Odds Pray To The Odds
  2. "As Long As It's You" Single
    by The Deloreans
    As Long As It's You (Single Version) As Long As It's You (Single Version)
  3. Sunny Day (Single #1)
    by The Pass
    Sunny Day Sunny Day
  4. Craters EP
    by Nerves Junior
    Intern Intern
    Local favorites, restructured. Anyone who experiences Nerves Junior live will understand the sheer force of their tones and melodies when they bust your insides open--yet they do it so warmly, almost softly, like being surrounded by friends and sharing drinks and cigars by the fire, while simultaneously getting laser surgery on your eyes. They're a visceral experience I always enjoy.
  5. middle school swag
    by fthrsn
    My new friend My new friend
    I appreciate honest, well-composed electronica that isn't full of itself. With "Middle School Swag", Fthrsn continues to deliver on the premise that hollow, computer-driven melodies can be enriched by picking at the highs and lows of the emotional spectrum in a kind of dance between isolation and hope--which so many of us experienced at a young age. Fthrsn doesn't pretend his experience is special, just that maybe all of us aren't so far removed from the same uncertainties as we may believe.