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  1. ...and Justice for Y'all
    by Weedeater
  2. God Luck and Good Speed
    by Weedeater
  3. 1st Sound
    by Kaiser
  4. Lady Lizard
    by Lady Lizard
    Mourning Man Mourning Man
    Mmmm...Songs of that southern persuasion. I dig.
  5. The Wall [Redux]
    by Various Artists
  6. 1+ Dog Days
    by Goatsnake
  7. Sixteen Tons
    by Weedeater
  8. Live At Roadburn 2012
    by Bongripper
  9. Void Droid
    by Void Droid
  10. High Lands
    by Sahara Surfers
  11. Damn Craters
    by Damn Craters
  12. Marijuana
    by Dope Smoker
    Jammer Jammer
  13. Stoned At The Throne
    by Greenbeard
    Swimming in the Grass Swimming in the Grass
  14. Stoned At The Throne
    by Greenbeard
  15. Low And Behold!
    by Mount Hush
  16. Lightning Medicine
    by Wounded Giant
  17. Rite of Ascension
    by Mammoth Storm
  18. LiVE! FULL Tilt Boogie
    by Geezer
  19. Toner Low
    by Toner Low
    by LOW ORBIT
  21. Intergalactic desert
    by Böse
  22. Rotten Village Sessions
    by Palm Desert
    Shades in black Shades in black
  23. Adayoff
    by Palm Desert
    Among the stones Among the stones
  24. Pearls from the muddy hollow
    by Palm Desert
    No pain No sorrow No pain No sorrow
  25. Falls of the Wastelands
    by Palm Desert
  26. Molten Planet
    by Resonaut
  27. Demo 2014
    by Drug Mother
  28. Saguaro
    by Scuttlebutt
  29. Sweat Lodge Tape Demo EP
    by Sweat Lodge
  30. Cocaine Cobras - Ep III (2013)
    by Cocaine Cobras
  31. The Disruption Writ
    by Ides of Gemini
  32. Small Stone Records / Classic Rock 2014
    by Various Artists
  33. Planetcracker EP
    by Hypergiant
  34. Maniacs On Wheels
    by Maniacs On Wheels
  35. Ancient Warlocks
    by Ancient Warlocks
    Into The Night Into The Night
  36. I.
    by The Ravenna Arsenal
    Ultraheavy Ultraheavy
  37. Weedpecker
    by Weedpecker
  38. Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult
    by Dopelord
    Addicted To Black Magick Addicted To Black Magick
  39. Magick Rites
    by Dopelord
    Lucifer's Son Lucifer's Son
  40. Black Snake EP - Vol. 2
    by Black Snake
  41. Solaire [EP]
    by Solaire
  42. RHINO
    by Rhino
    Bing bong bubbles Bing bong bubbles
  43. Sucking The 70's, Back In The Saddle Again
    by Various Artists
    The Stake The Stake
  44. Valley of Sand
    by 1000mods
    Valley of Sand Valley of Sand
  45. Quick, Dirty, & High (2014)
    by Foghound