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Stephen Wynter.Murdoch

  1. Solvang, California
  2. Metal
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  1. Meads asphodel/ forefather - English Steel
    by Meads Of Asphodel / forefather
  2. Misery's To Regret
    by Vature
  3. Where the Leaden Dawn Meets Iron Shores
    by Bròn
  4. Variaciones cromáticas del Atlántico
    by Sans Soleil
  5. Dunwich
    by Obed Marsh
  6. Innsmouth
    by Obed Marsh
  7. A Passage For Lost Years
    by VARAHA
  8. Heaven That Dwells Within
    by Wormwitch
  9. The blind leading the blind
    by 1914
  10. Eschatology of War
    by 1914
  11. Vox Medusae
    by Potmos Hetoimos
  12. Pangaea
    by Ecferus
  13. The Inward Cold
    by Eneferens
  14. Ruin
    by Wilt
  15. Moving Monoliths
    by Wilt
  16. Wilt
    by Wilt
  17. Nausea
    by DELIRIA
  18. Cosmic Reawakening
    by Crafteon
  19. A Swing of Sickle to Summers Dawn
    by Witches Moon
  20. Oviri
    by Jute Gyte
  21. Perdurance
    by Jute Gyte
  22. Diaspora
    by Cormorant
  23. Ship of Theseus
    by Jute Gyte
  24. Devotion to Lord
    by Grima
  25. Nämïdäë
    by Öxxö Xööx
  26. Pillars (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
  27. Unanswered Hymns
    by CHRCH
  28. Starlight's Guide
    by Of Solitude and Solemn
  29. Wode
    by Wode
  30. Heart With Bread
    by Quercus
  31. Apocalyptic Witchcraft
    by Petrychor
  32. Right Wing Radio Hell (2015 Mix)
    by NCN
  33. The Scientology Remix Project
    by NCN and JC Clone
  34. Coming Back to Life (The Zombie ApocaRemix)
    by NCN
  35. Play It Backwards
    by The National Cynical Network
    appears in 1 other collection
  36. Your Brain is the Universe
    by NCN & Big City Orchestra
  37. XX
    by dawnbringer
  38. Cypher
    by Spektr
  39. The Art To Disappear
    by Spektr
  40. Umbras de Barbagia
    by Downfall of Nur
  41. Isolate
    by Mesarthim
  42. Ulvesang
    by Ulvesang
  43. Weightless at Dawn
    by Truthseeker
  44. Black Magic Man
    by Psychedelic Witchcraft
  45. Chapter I "Into The Ice"
    by Ausländer
    appears in 1 other collection