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Stephen O' Connor

  1. Dublin, Ireland
  2. Rock
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  1. This is No Wave
    by The Magnapinna
    Punchy, catchy, rock and roll, FFO NoMeansNo, Faith More, Talking Heads
  2. Luna
    by Red Sun Alert.
    Ted Bundy of the West Ted Bundy of the West
    Stunning debut EP from these young Cork maestros, combining elements of math rock, blues, grunge and prog into a catchy and satisfying whole. Julia's vocals are brilliant, and the whole thing leaves you craving a full length.
  3. Sestra LP
    by Percolator
  4. Clubbing Baby Seals
    by Selkies
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Jane Doe
    by Converge
  6. Omelas
    by Third Island
  7. Twisted Mass
    by Twisted Mass
  8. JORD
    by MØL
  9. 22° Halo
    by Selkies
  10. Polyester Electric
    by Polyester Electric
  11. Aid To Worship
    by Iona Death Cult
  12. Perfect Pitch Black (expanded edition)"
    by Cave In
  13. 'Blood and Slime' EP
    by Ten Ton Slug
  14. Pessimist
    by Abaddon Incarnate
  15. Nadir
    by Abaddon Incarnate
  16. Cascade
    by Abaddon Incarnate
  17. The Last Supper
    by Abaddon Incarnate
  18. Magicka
    by Elder Druid
  19. Carmina Satanae
    by Elder Druid
  20. Coroza - DEMO
    by coroza
  21. Wet Cactus
    by Wet Cactus
  22. Art of the Sly Man - Part 2
    by Luke B & Leigh Michael
  23. Endangered Philosophies
    by Dälek
  24. We, The People
    by Pasteur Lappe
  25. Raum Kingdom
    by Raum Kingdom
  26. Visitations
    by Sundrifter
  27. Air
    by Astronoid
    Resin Resin
    Simply brilliant album from these dream thrashers, uplifting and moving while also packing in excellent riffs and huge hooks. One of my favourite current metal bands
  28. Heavy Electricity
    by No Spill Blood
  29. Bleeder
    by Mutoid Man
  30. Arcadea
    by Arcadea
  31. III
    by Weedpecker
  32. Dart
    by Blacklisters
  33. EP2
    by Three Trapped Tigers
  34. EP
    by Three Trapped Tigers
  35. Sterilize
    by Unsane
  36. BeatCast Studio Sessions
    by Three Trapped Tigers
  37. Ghetto Magic
    by CTMF Records
  38. Split with Shifting
    by gummidge
  39. Cosmic Couch EP
    by Staz & Leigh Michael
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  40. Art of the Sly Man - Part 1
    by Luke B & Leigh Michael
  41. Visqueen
    by Unsane
    This Stops At The River This Stops At The River
  42. Ozwald X Ian Nyquist - Rituals EP
    by Wriggle
  43. Ethos, Pathos, Logos
    by zhOra
    Sin Eater Sin Eater
    Like getting crushed by a herd of stampeding rhino while tripping balls on liquid LSD. Brilliant album
  44. The Dusk In Us
    by Converge
  45. Also Sprach Zarathustra
    by Tuath