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  1. Ride My Dick
    by T.W.A.T
  2. Family the Smiling Thrush
    by Boss Keloid
  3. SUPER CHAMPON スーパーチャンポン
    by Otoboke Beaver おとぼけビ~バ~
  4. Majestic Desolation
    by Bastions
  5. The Mephisto Waltz
    by OHHMS
  6. A Vision of The End
    by Burner
  7. Siege Fire
    by Burner
  8. Crusaders of Joy
    by bigLOVE
  9. A Broken Crown
    by Bastions
  10. Rebirth
    by Graywave
  11. Rat King Crown
    by Burner
  12. Tharn
    by fall of efrafa
  13. Dissociation In Three Fractions
    by Candescent A.D
  14. The Black Pyramid
    by The Sun’s Journey Through The Night
  15. The Burden of Existence
    by Implore
  16. Caged In Gold
    by Helpless
  17. Profound Morality
    by HERIOT
  18. Under The Boot
    by Inhuman Nature
  19. Near Vision / Enter the Flesh
    by HERIOT