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  1. The Great Tasmanian Escape
    by Christopher Coleman & The Great Escape
  2. Acoustic Outliers
    by CJ Stranger
  3. Just Like Moby Dick
    by Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band
  4. Lubbock (on everything)
    by Terry Allen
  5. Dead Grass
    by Rowan Blackmore
  6. Australian Waters
    by Matthew Horsley
  7. Kali Ma Rama Lama Fi Fo Fi Fum
    by the Man from Atlantis and the Moon of Deliverance
  8. Susie Scurry
    by Susie Scurry (the grand magoozi)
  9. Terabithian
    by D.C Cross
  10. EGOBOO
    by Daniel Tedford
  11. Out of Sight
    by Jake Xerxes Fussell
  12. Danse Macabre Superdeluxe
    by Secret Chiefs 3
  13. Devotion
    by Laura Jean
  14. Time Is Golden
    by Big Smoke