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  1. Ode To Youth
    by Ode To Youth
  2. Drop Off (feat. Severin Bruhin & Loren Hignell)
    by Vertaal
  3. It's a Movie It's a Dream
    by Josh Caress
  4. Sailor's Cry
    by A.M.R
    Deep house that is heavy on mood and just envelops me.
  5. Recumbent Speech
    by Ezra Feinberg
    Acquainted with the Night Acquainted with the Night
    A brilliant instrumental record that charts its own course. The mostly-peaceful songs dance around the edges of folk, ambient, deep listening, new age, neo-classical, post-rock, and prog without putting both feet firmly anywhere.
  6. Vista
    by Escaper
    Throw keys-based jazz, dance-rock, spaced-out-rock, and funk into a blender, and you’ve got this deeply impressive jam. Best appreciated in a music-listening room, preferably with headphones, optimally way after dark.
  7. Sali Lento
    by Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers
    Chouk Bwa combines thumping electronic beats with traditional “Afro-Caribbean voodoo polyrhythms” to create something wild and new.
  8. Rest
    by The Gray Havens
    TGH has been kicking it with rappers and remixers a lot recently (see Propaganda’s feature on their last album and a recent trio of dance remixes), and it shows here: big, booming, reverb-heavy beats; speak-sung vocals; synths for atmosphere; a lot of percussion hit; and a striking lack of piano except for flourishes and outro. It’s a banger, tbh. From the Gray Havens. A banger, I say.
  9. drawn
    by Trevor Ransom
    Starts off ambient before introducing Ransom’s gentle vocals; transitions from there to a sweeping, cinematic piece with lots of tension. A lovely composition.
  10. Alpha Orionis (Single)
    by JuffBass
    Juffbass took his bass-and-drums post-rock tune “Mountain Highs, Salty Eyes” from his most recent release and collaborated with Marton Gyorog to add electric guitar and synths to it. The result is a fuller, more spacey version of the tune that has enough of its own direction with the new additions to have a new title to the song.
  11. Reality Rounds
    by Alex Dowling
    King of Thumbs King of Thumbs
    A dense, adventurous, thought-provoking experience like none other. Combines improvisation, vocal experimentation, science fiction, and religion into an impressive brew.
  12. Tony Sendo
    by Underground Canopy, Bluestaeb, S. Fidelity
    Jazz, hip-hop, and downtempo vibes come together in a smooth, solid slice of keys-led instrumental work.
  13. Electric One (Part B)
    by Elkhorn
    An electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and an electric bouzouki in a 7-minute improvisation that manages to meld a ton of complexity into an almost-meditative, reverent piece.
  14. Oak forest
    by Iván Muela
    The subtle clinking and clanking noises in the background here remind me of the noise of workers’ docks by the ocean and thus give a nautical feel to the subtly-pulsing synth clouds.
  15. To My Brain
    by Aryl Barkley
    A delicate-yet-confident whisper-folk tune. Barkley really makes me believe it, really sells the whole thing with a careful touch on the vocals and guitars. It’s a very comforting track.
  16. Shush me
    by Nimrawd
    It’s a lot of fun, just like the whole record. Not a whole lot of projects right now making ’em like Nimrawd does.
  17. The Wait
    by The Fierce And The Dead
    Romantic, melancholy post-rock.
  18. On Reflection
    by Message To Bears
    Delicate, romantic composition for fans of The Album Leaf and Balmorhea.
  19. Howling Back at the Wounded Dog
    by The Rough & Tumble
    A strong collection of heartfelt folk-pop tunes. They are amazing live!
  20. stig of the dump / ogglet (live)
    by El Toppo
    Exciting, multifaceted, multi-textured post-rock with a lot of energy and vibe.