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  1. Censorship Is Killing Music (Gross National Products 1981 - 1989)
    by Kalahari Surfers
  2. The Never Acting Story
    by Brass Riot
  3. KahruMusiqa
    by Badiâa Bouhrizi
  4. 100 years of Surrealism and Psychedelia (V.A)
    by Cosmovision Records
  6. Tesserae
    by Tilo Weber
  7. Chance Episodes
    by Dead Cat Bounce
  8. In Search of a Better Tomorrow
    by EABS meets Jaubi
  9. Banda Da Capital
    by Som Imaginário
  10. Synthesized Sudan: Astro-Nubian Electronic Jaglara Dance Sounds from the Fashaga Underground
    by Jantra
  11. Original Boussiphone Recordings
    by Si Daty et Mounina
  12. Live at the Half Moon - 3.27.23
    by TheWarblers
  13. Live at the Half Moon - 3.06.23
    by TheWarblers
  14. Live at the Half Moon - 3.20.23
    by TheWarblers
  15. Another Side Of John Coltrane
    by John Coltrane
  16. Who Knew Charlie Shoe?
    by Richard Leo Johnson & Gregg Bendian
  17. LIVE
    by Deadeye
  18. The Berlin Sessions
    by Anat Fort Trio
  19. L'Orchestre National Mauritanien
    by Ahl Nana
  20. D'Alma
    by Miroca Paris