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  1. Cremona, Italy
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  1. Petrichor
    by Poets Were Wrong
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    Whispers Whispers
  2. SunnMoonnEclippse
    by Radical Face
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    Eclippse Eclippse
    Love it.
  3. Reel // Flowers In Bloom
    by M!R!M
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    Reel Reel
  4. Matilde // Velvet Dress
    by M!R!M
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    Velvet Dress Velvet Dress
    I love the sound, I love the synths!
  5. Water Dreams
    by Robin Bacior
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Your Best Advice Your Best Advice
    Discovered live in Italy! Great music, I'm in love with her sound, also the cello is brilliant!
  6. Blossom
    by Kerli
    track 00:00/00:00
    Kerli is a huge artist! I love the way she combines EDM and nature creatig beautiful visual panoramas through the sound!She's so creative, one of my favourite artists in the world!
  7. The Kingfisher [2015] EP
    by Rosemary & Garlic
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    The Dancers The Dancers
    I just find it beautiful in its sounds and atmospheres.
  8. In My Garden
    by Isobel Anderson
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    Know Your Heart Know Your Heart
    A beautiful album. Tender and soft melodies and stories I can relate to. Simple: guitar, voice and violin with some field recordings I really appreciate.
  9. Wind Between the Horse's Ears - نسیمی میان گوش های اسب
    by Aida Shahghasemi
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Stay - بمان Stay - بمان
    Beautiful! A perfect debut! This woman knows how to touch a heart with a perfect voice and complex but gentle melodies. Unfortunately I don't understand the lyrics but the music itself is touching and makes me dream.
  10. ANAR
    by Marketa Irglova
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    Let Me Fall in Love Let Me Fall in Love
    ANAR is a little masterpiece. The best solo debut an artist could ever make. You can feel her very personal style.
  11. Lapse
    by Poets Were Wrong
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    The Price I Paid The Price I Paid
    I love this record. It's very well done. I don't know much about this kind of music, but the feeling is all that matters. And "Lapse" gives me some pretty awesome feelings. Tbh I really can't wait to hear more from PWW!!
  12. My Blue Side
    by Nikk Lombardo
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    Scared [Ghost Track] Scared [Ghost Track]
    This is a very good job! A nice and minimal album self produced by Nikk. I love it!
  13. The EPs - Time To Be & A Comfortable Sleep
    by Paper Aeroplanes
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    Aberystwyth Aberystwyth
    This is so sweet. I love the acoustic taste of these two EPs.
  14. MUNA
    by Marketa Irglova
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    The Leading Bird The Leading Bird
    This album is breathtaking. It's full of bauty... From the magnificent strings on "The leading bird" to the epic percussions on "Without A Map" to the sea sounds on "Gabriel". I can't chose if I prefer this album or the previous, but this is WONDERFUL and became one of my favourite albums.
    by ZERO
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Happy Ending Happy Ending
    I love this album because of the atmosphere... the sound, the voice, the guitars. I like it!