This is Stefan Hanson’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Stefan Hanson

  1. Portland, Maine
  2. Experimental
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    by goat (jp)
  2. Simultonality
    by Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society
  3. Miasma LP
  4. wormhat
    by RONG
  5. Crossing the Threshold
    by Ossalot
    Do the Chicken Do the Chicken
  6. Plastic Anniversary
    by Matmos
  7. Holiday Sample Exchange
    by Synth Club of Southern Maine
  8. Coil of Suns
    by Burr
  9. Cult Appeal
    by Andrew Bernstein
  10. SCOSM Field Recording No.1 : Battery Steele
    by Synth Club of Southern Maine
  11. Rhythm & Sound
    by goat (jp)
  12. Four
    by Haru Bangs
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. Magnetoception
    by Joshua Abrams
  14. Health and Efficiency
    by This Heat
  15. Deceit
    by This Heat
  16. Ministry Of Affect
    by Tom Hamill
  17. Flyaway, Come Here
    by Ed Rodriguez
  18. Mountain Moves
    by Deerhoof
  19. Sweater Weather
    by Chung Antique
  20. Steamroom 28
    by Jim O'Rourke
  21. Territory
    by Ossalot
  22. Some Kind of Virtue
    by Buddusky
  23. u used to be so good to us
    by Greef
  24. The Visitor
    by Jim O'Rourke
  25. Sang Phat Editor
    by U.S. Maple
  26. Insignificance
    by Jim O'Rourke
  27. "Whatever, Mortal"
    by Papa M
  28. Halfway to a Threeway
    by Jim O'Rourke
  29. Steamroom 30
    by jim o'rourke
  30. "The Bike (half-baked)"
    by TFC
  31. Deserts of Youth
    by Lisa/Liza
  32. September Forever Demo
    by Burr
  33. Nice Mask Over an Ugly Face
    by Wei Zhongle
  34. Anthology 1997-98
    by Faraquet
  35. More Amateur Home Recordings
    by Fur
  36. Some Songs For All Of Us
    by Tom Hamill
  37. The First Museum
    by Lisa/Liza
    by Alex Calder
  39. Asleep in the Forest
    by if and it
  40. Zoy Zoy
    by Tal National
  41. 2 Hearted Horse
    by Fur
  42. La Isla Bonita
    by Deerhoof
  43. Tundra
    by Enablers
  44. Rhubarb
    by Ada
  45. John Wayne Frankenstein
    by Family Planning