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  1. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
    Book of the Fallen Book of the Fallen
    Fantastic album. Over the years this release has been solidified as a staple of the genre alongside the best Summoning releases. The well paced, long-form compositions paint a picture that is compelling and true to the Malazan world and stories. There is no bad material on this album, I only wish we had more.
  2. Shieldbrother
    by Isenmor
  3. Astral Necromancy
    by Hoth
  4. Adorned With the Figures of Snakes
    by Amherawdr
  5. Through a Warren of Shadow
    by Azath
  6. The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings
    by Obsequiae
  7. 亂 (Luan)
    by Ripped to Shreds
  8. Benighted & Unrequited
    by Elcrost
  9. Under The Guide of Capricornus
    by Waerteras
  10. Veil of Imagination
    by Wilderun
  11. I
    by Fief
  12. II
    by Fief
  13. In Forgotten Sleep
    by Lör
    by Eternal Champion
  15. Reflections
    by Tarot
  16. Hunted
    by Khemmis
  17. Hardworlder
    by Slough Feg
  18. A Frozen Flame Of Ice
    by Far Beyond
  19. Sumerlands
    by Sumerlands
  20. Akróasis
    by Obscura