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  1. Intervals
    by Near The Parenthesis
    Silhouette Silhouette
  2. Untimely Tales
    by Burzinski
    Here Here
  3. New Bermuda
    by Deafheaven
    Luna Luna
  4. Farewell to the shade
    by And Also The Trees
    *Anchor Yard *Anchor Yard
  5. Tripping Back Into The Broken Days
    by Lycia
    Pale Blue Prevails Pale Blue Prevails
  6. All fell silent, everything went quiet
    by An Autumn For Crippled Children
    Everlasting Everlasting
  7. The Happiest Days Of My Life
    by David Galas
  8. Sun Devoured Earth
    by Sun Devoured Earth
  9. Anomie
    by Violet Cold
  10. Desperate Dreams
    by Violet Cold
  11. Disquiet
    by Unreqvited
  12. Ruines Humaines
    by Amesoeurs
    Faiblesse Des Sens Faiblesse Des Sens
  13. Transient
    by Donna Regina
    Melancholy Dragon Melancholy Dragon
  14. Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By
    by Donna Regina
  15. kOsmik
    by Violet Cold
    Space Funeral Space Funeral
  16. Pressure Depression
    by Electric Gordon
    Pyromaniac Pyromaniac
  17. A Static Life
    by Sun Devoured Earth
    Sixteen and Onwards Sixteen and Onwards
  18. Live & Maintain
    by Fontenelle
    Good Times Good Times
  19. Winter
    by Fen
  20. Autumn Fears
    by Burzinski