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  1. Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave
    by The Twilight Sad
  2. SoL
    by dIVA
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Salome
    by Marriages
    Salome Salome
  4. Creation
    by The Daysleepers
    Creation Creation
  5. Marrow
    by Madder Mortem
    Waiting to Fall Waiting to Fall
  6. Blood Music
    by The Florist
    Ghosts Ghosts
  7. Stranger Fruit
    by Zeal and Ardor
    Built On Ashes Built On Ashes
  8. One self
    by Habitants
    Meraki Meraki
  9. Last Things (album)
    by Minute Taker
  10. LSD and the Search for God
    by LSD and the Search for God
    backwards backwards
  11. Geometria
    by Thy Catafalque
    Ének a búzamezőkről Ének a búzamezőkről
  12. Engravings
    by Forest Swords
    Friend, You Will Never Learn Friend, You Will Never Learn
  13. Miniature
    by The Gathering
  14. Echo Chamber (Room of Tears)
    by Ulver
  15. Bring Out Your Dead
    by Ulver
  16. The Assassination of Julius Caesar
    by Ulver
    Nemoralia Nemoralia
  17. More Constant Than The Gods
    by SubRosa
    The Usher The Usher
  18. Hiss Spun
    16 Psyche 16 Psyche
  19. Pain is Beauty
  20. Kyrr
    by Kontinuum
    Undir Punnu Skinni Undir Punnu Skinni
  21. Écailles De Lune
    by Alcest
  22. Kodama
    by Alcest
    Oiseaux De Proie Oiseaux De Proie
  23. Star Roving
    by Slowdive
  24. Velocity:Design:Comfort.
    by Sweet Trip
    Dsco Dsco
  25. Red in Tooth and Claw
    by Madder Mortem
    Blood On The Sand Blood On The Sand
  26. Meta
    by Thy Catafalque
    Ixión Düün Ixión Düün
  27. The Unnatural World
    by Have a Nice Life
    Burial Society Burial Society
  28. Neolunar
    by Neolunar
  29. PASSENGERS IN TIME the musical history tour
    by Passengers in time
    Anachrone circles Anachrone circles
  30. Lighthouse
    by iamthemorning
  31. Black Light District
    by The Gathering
  32. The West Pole
    by The Gathering
    Pale Traces Pale Traces
  33. Deathconsciousness
    by Have a Nice Life
    I Don't Love I Don't Love
  34. Shadows of the sun
    by Ulver
  35. We Sink
    by Sóley
  36. Sgùrr
    by Thy Catafalque
    Oldódó formák a halál titokzatos birodalmáb Oldódó formák a halál titokzatos birodalmáb
  37. Rengeteg
    by Thy Catafalque
    Vashegyek Vashegyek
  38. Disclosure
    by The Gathering
    I Can See Four Miles I Can See Four Miles
  39. Tűnő Idő Tárlat
    by Thy Catafalque
    Neath Waters (Minden Vízbe Mártott Test) Neath Waters (Minden Vízbe Mártott Test)
  40. Róka Hasa Rádió
    by Thy Catafalque
    Molekuláris Gépezetek Molekuláris Gépezetek
  41. Aura
    by Saor
  42. Roots
    by Saor
  43. Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées
    by Les Discrets
    L'échappée L'échappée