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  1. Live In London (2020)
    by Codes In The Clouds
  2. KLUKK: Sigur Rós in Bells
    by Bjöllukór Tónlistarskóla Reykjanesbæjar
  3. Valkyrie EP
    by Atra Aeterna
    Álfheimr Álfheimr
    There is this soul who led me to this song, there is my lovely sister who gave me this album. There is this deep song, Álfheimr. Then, there is my touching cat who is gone to the skies for dreams, the day of the release of your album, May 2, 2018. So, this album means a lot for me. I dedicated Álfheimr for her, my little ginger carpet. And this song makes me feel our whole connection. Thank you, Atra Aeterna, to make me feel these feelings through your heartbreaking melodies.
  4. Bloom
    by Lights & Motion
  5. Deeply sorry to interrupt your megalomania
    by Baulta
  6. That's my house you're living in
    by Baulta
  7. The greatest solos of Mr. Bellini vol.1
    by Baulta
  8. Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday
    by Baulta
  9. Dreams And Hopes
    by Vinc2
  10. Exoplanète
    by Vinc2
  11. The Christmas Tree Ship EP (remastered)
  12. NORTH
    by I Spell It Nature