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  1. Dead Racer
    by Speed Machine
    Necronomicon Necronomicon
    Personally. I don't like Synthwave, it sounds like kid's music. But Speed Machine is exceptional. This is more like Synthwave fusion, with elements of Goth and Industrial Metal.
  2. Psycho
    by Alpha IrRadiation
    Reinforcement Reinforcement
    The best Electro-Industrial album of the year (in my arrogant opinion.) Seriously, these guys are for real. Looking forward to future releases.
  3. Psychogenesis
    by Encephalon
    Outbreaker Outbreaker
    Great vocals and vocoder. And the composition is excellent.
  4. The End Of Days
    by DIVERSANT:13
    Another fine release by masters of the genre.
  5. Desensitized Parallels
    by Xentrifuge
    Nice sound clarity and texture. And the vocals are superbly spooky.
  6. Tech Noir
    by Cyanotic
    My favorite Cyanotic release. A must have in any Industrial collection.
  7. T2
    by Cyanotic
  8. The Medication Generation
    by Cyanotic
  9. Transhuman
    by Cyanotic
    Good fusion Metal Industrial. Definately is welcome in the collection.
  10. Transhuman 2.0
    by Cyanotic
  11. Real Bad Day
    by amnestic
  12. Future
    by amnestic
    Straightforward, solid Dark Electro.
  13. Extravagant
    by Synthetische Lebensform
    Very eclectic composition, which displays true talent. One of the best albums of the year, no doubt.
  14. Excessive Force
    by Seraphim System
    Unabashed, in your face, straightforward Electro-Industrial.
  15. Phosphor
    by Miseria Ultima
    A solid Darkwave release.
  16. Costume Of A Saviour
    by Cryogenic Echelon
  17. Taste Of Failure
    by Cryogenic Echelon
  18. The Summoning
    by mulpHia
    Very dark and spooky. You can feel the Summoning at work.
  19. Halodevourer
    by Segentot
    Unique Dark Electro and quite eclectic.
  20. Human Error (A)
    by STRNGR
    An interesting fusion of Dark Electro and Synthwave.
  21. Human Error (B)
    by STRNGR
    Nice follow-up to the debut release.
  22. Omen
    by Cellar Graves
    This album is epic. Great talent.
  23. Odd-Man Hypothesis
    by Inxera Syndrome
    by Street Fever
    Unique, dark EBM. Has a seductive influence and the bass is awesome.
  25. VI EP (2018)
    by И O U S I Λ
    Six Six
    There is something very enticing and addicting about this album. Truly cutting-edge Dark EBM.