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  1. Anthony Pasquarosa - Morning Meditations
    by Anthony Pasquarosa
    I was moved by the Aura of Peace that permeated the atmosphere surrounding me while listening. A mesmerizing "Stream of Consciousness Experience", that I wished would never end.
  2. Fete
    by Ottmar Liebert
  3. Johari Window
    by Andy Moir
  4. Aaron Sheppard - Solo Acoustic Guitar
    by Aaron Sheppard
    Listening to Aaron's guitar soothes my mind and spirit. It's gentle but provocative, allowing contemplation without being mundane or static. I feel transported to a distant, hazy dreamlike horizon. Wandering over hillside meadows and wading in glittering mountain streams on a summer afternoon.
  5. Somewhere In The Middle
    by Jack Wirth (Guitarist)
    My compliments to Jack Wirth on this EXCELLENT release that captures the vibe of a sunny, summer afternoon. Lightened my mood and brought sunshine into my heart.
  6. Deep Beneath the Mountain in the Palace of Owls
    by Nick Castell
    Heitaro Meets Higo Heitaro Meets Higo
    Nick's Music is eclectic and refreshingly easy to listen to. His style doesn't rush or overwhelm the listener, but gently carries you along as if on a canoe gliding upon a stream on a summer afternoon.
  7. On the Great Alkali Plains
    by Espen Jorgensen
    BRILLIANT ! The Secret Voice of A Guitar can be revealed in the Hands of A Genius. This is PURE MAGIC Euphoric, Sublime, Ethereal and Exquisite. LUMINOUS !!!
  8. Loitsu - Aamujen Auer
    by [neofolk, acoustic] [2006]
    INSPIRED compositions that transcend the sublime mystery of Creation. Transporting you spiritually to the distant, primeval forests where Nature's majesty is revealed to the yearning soul of MAN. Brilliant.
  9. Loitsu - Seitsentähdet
    by [neofolk, acoustic] [2017]
  10. walden
    by walden
  11. Wenn die ersten Blätter fallen
    by walden
  12. Mantra
    by walden
    Brilliantly executed, atmospheric and mesmerizing as the title alludes to. Sound is vibrant and clear with some tribal style percussion and droning keyboard added to the mix. Reminiscent of Popol Vuh, which I find amazingly exquisite and eclectic. Superior Effort !!!
  13. Fluss des Lebens
    by walden
  14. Idyll
    by walden
    Regen Regen
    Pure Magic. A soothing balm for my tortured soul. Delicate and deeply tranquil. A SPIRITUAL and TRANSCENDENTAL soundtrack for your Psyche.
  15. Reflections
    by Mahavishnu
    Serene, meditative and skillfully produced, this is another offering from the genius behind Walden. Gentle arpeggiated guitar playing over waves of lush Synth-drones. Perfect for reflective introspection as the title announces.
  16. Shantaram
    by danijel zambo
    Shantaram Shantaram
    Title track; Shantaram is Superb. A truly Cosmos meets Hinduism experience. Mystical and captivating.
  17. Musk Ox
    by Musk Ox
    Entre La Terre et Le Ciel Entre La Terre et Le Ciel
    An ABSOLUTE CLASSIC. You MUST listen to this if you have not already. Life changing experiences are RARE and EXQUISITELY ELUSIVE. Seize the opportunity and you will be ENLIGHTENED and DELIGHTED.
  18. Entre Les Nuages et La Neige
    by Musk Ox
    Une Tristesse De L'esprit Une Tristesse De L'esprit
    These three demos reveal the creation of Musk Ox's first album. Intimate recordings that incorporate ambient natural elements are tranquil and poignant. Nathanael is a talented guitarist/composer. All three demos form an epic tryptich of inspired musical devotion.
  19. Settlers
    by Western Skies Motel
  20. Reflections
    by Western Skies Motel