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  1. Demo I
    by The Crypt of Memories
  2. Tyranno - March of Death
    by Helldprod Records
  3. Itankale
    by Quilombo
  4. Rêve Lucide
    by LÜNE
  5. Souvenirs
    by LÜNE
  6. Blackevil - Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire
    by Dying Victims Productions
  7. In Praise of the Shadow
    by Night Cobra
  8. Signals From The Mystiverse
    by Gentry Lord
  9. Made in Hawaii
    by Vixen
  10. The Totem Wilds Call Thy Name
    by Fen Walker
  11. Hail! O' Barrow Lands!
    by Fen Walker
  12. Sojourns in the Realm of the Undermoon
    by Fen Walker
  13. Autonoesis
    by Autonoesis
  14. Maelstrom of Death and Steel
    by Soulcaster
  15. Unconscious Suicide
    by Thirsty Demon
  16. The Unreachable Salvation
    by Acerus
  17. The Clock of Mortality
    by ACERUS
  18. The Unreachable Salvation EP
    by ACERUS
  19. Beyond the Wall of Desolation
    by High Command
  20. Heavy Metal Adventure
    by Legendry