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  1. Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper
    by Panda Bear
  2. Chart For The Solution
    by Writhing Squares
  3. Blexxed Rec
    by The Peacers
  4. T.V. Sun
    by Mosses
  5. Plastic Flame
    by American Cream Band
  6. My Best Friend vol 1
    by ryan garbes
  7. This Is A Painting Practice
    by Weird Shit U.S.A. 2
  8. NYPD Records Volume One
    by Beat Detectives
  9. EE Head
    by Dean Spunt
  10. Sediment Seen
    by Hits
  11. Inglewood Tapes Vol. 3
    by ATM
  12. 100% Extra Hot
    by Beat Detectives
  13. Electric Hearse
    by Drainolith
  14. Tabbed View
    by Ryan Garbes
  15. Bread & Wine
    by Christopher Alan Durham
  16. Jazz Pigs In High School
    by Jason Henn
  17. Set it & forget it
    by Eustachian Tubes
  18. Tomorrow Cleaners
    by The Lavender Flu
  19. Super Hiss
    by Mark Tester
  20. Dumb It Down
    by Eric Copeland