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  1. κ​ή​ρ​υ​ξ π​ῦ​ρ
    by ὁ Μέɣας
  2. Ōmukade
    by Ukakuja
  3. Faith and the Vessel
    by Kinoteki
  4. Crack Up
    by White Wire
  5. Agita
    by Imelda Marcos
  6. Celebrant
    by Skin Tension
    Humboldt Humboldt
    I'm still digesting Omni then this comes along. This gets sicker with each listen.That;'s right I said it.Now go get it.
  7. Hanahaki
    by Boredom Knife
  8. Appearance
    by peopling
  9. unwell_tiresome
    by Brobdingnagian
  10. RENRET
    by RERET
  11. trambus tines
    by Brobdingnagian
  12. Backpfeifengesicht
    by Brobdingnagian
    I imagine myself choking sometimes I imagine myself choking sometimes
    Please put this out on cassette or CD
    My AOTY for 2020.
  13. Pretty Magoo Cancer
    by Brobdingnagian
    I love everything these guys are doing!!
  14. Caverns of Occultic Hatred
  15. "Doom Arisen" (NRR172)
    by Θ
  16. Dark Citadel
    by Dark Citadel
  17. Collected Works: MMXIV–MMXX
    by Kuujeojabenojujanomiashikushija
  18. Ψευδομένη
    by Ὁπλίτης
  19. sleep it off
    by Wulven
  20. this earth is consuming us
    by Wulven