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  1. Cloudy
    by AWITW
  2. Circulate, Vol. 1: Curated by David Starfire & SOOHAN
    by Gravitas Recordings
  3. Our Last Goodbye (Overgrown B-Sides)
    by Singto Conley
  4. Live Dreaming
    by Somatoast
  5. MOLPÉ
    by MOLPÉ
  6. Dans la forêt numérique
    by Jérôme Minière
  7. Overshoot Days (DATA075)
    by Dubmood
  8. Petites mains précieuses
    by Ariane Moffatt
  9. Falling In Love With Sadness
    by EMIKA
  10. Les choses extérieures
    by Salomé Leclerc
  11. 30 Years Later - An AKIRA Tribute
    by Synthspiria
  12. Id.Entity
    by Zebbler Encanti Experience
  13. Infusion Vol. 5
    by Gravitas Recordings
  14. CHPTL-027: Est-ce que tu vois le tigre ?
    by Le Roi Angus
  15. Drifter
    by VOLO
  16. Give + Take
    by Bassline Drift
  17. GRAND VEYMONT Route du vertige
    by Grand Veymont
  18. MIDGET! Ferme tes jolis cieux
    by Midget!
  19. Le bruit des mots
    by Laurence Castera
  20. Infinity Mirrors - A Compilation Curated by ZEE
    by Various Artists
  21. Full Face
    by Dany Placard
  22. Overgrown
    by Singto Conley
  23. Under The Stars (Remix)
    by Singto Conley
  24. Vetur
    by Singto Conley
  25. A World Of Our Own
    by Singto Conley
  26. You Will Be There
    by Singto Conley
  27. The Moon Rests Upon The Stars
    by Singto Conley
  28. Broken Fairy Lullaby
    by Singto Conley
  29. Connections
    by Singto Conley
  30. Remixes (Vol. 1)
    by Singto Conley
  31. Winter In The Underground
    by Singto Conley
  32. Halcyon
    by Singto Conley
  33. Where Do Tears Go
    by Singto Conley
  34. Eternal Dream EP
    by Singto Conley
  35. Twilight Hours
    by Singto Conley
    by Singto Conley
  37. Rois de Nous
    by La Bronze
  38. Avant la mort des fleurs cueillies
    by Mat Vezio
  39. Keep Control
    by Love & Light
  40. Infusion Vol. 2
    by Gravitas Recordings
  41. Les années
    by Guillaume Stankiewicz
  42. UN
    by Malik Djoudi
  43. Atmosphere
    by Amp Live
  44. Totality
    by Psy Fi
  45. Imprint
    by Cloudchord