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Sam Thursfield

  1. Manchester, UK
  2. Alternative
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  1. Manchester With Love
    by Manchester With Love
    808 State - Would I Could 808 State - Would I Could
  2. Libras
    by Saqqara Mastabas
    Uto On The Upswing Uto On The Upswing
  3. No Fun (EP)
    by Peaness
    I'm Not Your Problem I'm Not Your Problem
    I cannot get any of these songs out of my head
  4. Update Your Brain
    by The Tuts
    Let Go of the Past Let Go of the Past
    Why isn't anyone else making music like this right now. Hope you come back to Manchester soon!
  5. From the Mourning of the World
    by Various Uncivilised Artists
    Georgia Georgia
  6. Love to Love
    by Babar Luck
    Loving Someone Loving Someone
    Babar Luck World Hero
  7. (L.P.)
    by a.P.A.t.T.
    GyPsy WaltZ GyPsy WaltZ
    Why would you love anything else
  8. cultural envelope
    by slight birching
    ineffables ineffables
  9. Vacation Wasteland EP
    by Slime Girls
    Intro Intro
    How could you not love this album????
  10. Volume 1
    by Strikkly Vikkly
    A2 Major Vikkly Dub feat. Cedric IM Brooks & Kevin Batchelor A2 Major Vikkly Dub feat. Cedric IM Brooks & Kevin Batchelor
    The world's best producer hands down. The first time I heard a Vic Rice-produced record (This Good Thing by the Stingers ATX) I didn't know what had hit me or why it sounded so different to everything else I'd ever heard. Master of sound.
  11. Appropriations
    by Johnny Hunter Quartet
    Rivers of Appropriation Rivers of Appropriation
  12. It's A Good Job I Love You
    by Honeyfeet
    It's A Good Job I Love You It's A Good Job I Love You
  13. Old Man of the Forest
    by Skamel
  14. Leftover Love (extended edition)
    by Recue
    Leftover Love Leftover Love

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  1. I Like You Bite You
    by Normal Gimbel