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  1. Official Live Bootleg vol,6 UK Tour 2019/Live at J.t.soar
    by HIBUSHIBIRE秘部痺れ
    Roller coaster of the Universe Roller coaster of the Universe
    what an epic night this was, 4 amazing band's with some seriously banging tunes, can't wait for Hibushibire to play in the U.K. in the not so distant future ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
  2. a-tota-so
    by a-tota-so
    Funk-funking-tastic, everyone EVERYONE needs this band in there life
  3. Pink Cigs
    by PINK CIGS
    Noose Noose
    fantastic debut 5***
  4. About a Girl / Turn to Hate
    by Bully
    Turn to Hate Turn to Hate
    Orville Peck cover is outstanding 🥰😍🥰
  5. MONDO GENERATOR - Shooters Bible
  6. Dogrel
    by Fontaines D.C.
    Liberty Belle Liberty Belle
    this album is ridiculously good
  7. Shortcuts
    by Chuck Norris Experiment
  8. HARSH
    X-Ray Baby X-Ray Baby
    something about this band is so special
  9. Witch
    by Witch
    Seer Seer
    words alone can not tell you how brilliant this band is
  10. Red Fang
    by Red Fang
    Prehistoric Dog Prehistoric Dog
    some truly stunning composition of music mastery just sheer and utter brilliance by these fine men of great worth, riffs and head banging ahoy.
  11. Epithet
    by Cassels
    Sepia Good Times Sepia Good Times
    A true tour de force of fucking brilliance by these two boys
  12. Hating Is Easy
    by Cassels
    Hating Is Easy Hating Is Easy
    how can you hate these boys there fucking amazing
  13. You, Us and They
    by Cassels
    Well Fed Worms In A Graveyard Well Fed Worms In A Graveyard
    seen these boys live, fucking amazing.
  14. Truckfighters - Gravity X
    Superfunk Superfunk
    class desert stoner vibes, banging album.
  15. Chains For The Sea
    by Halocraft
    Vertigo, the Desire to Fall Vertigo, the Desire to Fall
    this is just some real good chill out music, sit back and close your eyes and drift away
  16. Tell Your Friends
    by MICHAEL
    Tunisia Through The Eye Of A Camel Tunisia Through The Eye Of A Camel
    This is so so so gooooood.
  17. Blueberry Muffin
    by Tidal Wave
  18. Slow Down
    by Agapantha!
    Sunset Sunset
    If music could be described as weather, I would describe this collection of songs as ray's of sunshine in a dark and cloudy world.
  19. Sea of Worry
    Sea of Worry Sea of Worry
  20. Heavens Blade
    by Heavens Blade
    Ledger of Truth Ledger of Truth
    Holy fucking cow!!!!!!!