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  1. Awalaï
    by Onségen Ensemble
    Kuuhanka Kuuhanka
    This album is mysterious to me. I can't fully grasp it. I want to, and I love listening to it, but my brain can't comprehend it all. Wonderful.
  2. More Constant Than The Gods
    by SubRosa
    The Usher The Usher
    This album wraps around you like a seductress in the dark. Furious and wonderful.
  3. Superstition
    by The Birthday Massacre
    Oceania Oceania
    There's something nostalgic and comfortable about this music. Endlessly interesting, at times romantic and moving, and totally fun. If this doesn't make you want to dance, you're probably dead.
  4. Plastic Surgery
    by Heavy Traffic
    Medicated Bed Medicated Bed
    The first time I listened to this album I couldn't do anything else until it was over. I was entranced by it. The guitar work is phenomenal. I love the subdued, mystical vocals. Extremely hard to pick a favorite track. I am in awe of this work!
    by Bone Man
    Flesh Land Flesh Land
    This officially became my favorite album not long after I listened to it. Every aspect of this album is fascinating to me. It's heavy yet comfortable, and the vocals really stand out. I've listened to this album about 250 times since I purchased it. Incredible!
  6. Sci-fi/Fantasy
    by Book of Wyrms
    Leatherwing Bat Leatherwing Bat
    This album grabbed me right from the start and kept me interested the whole time. Super groovy!
  7. Sleepwalking Sailors
    by Helms Alee
    Tumescence Tumescence
  8. Endless Summer
    by The Midnight
    Endless Summer Endless Summer