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  1. Trilogy: Burn Out The Remains
    by KZOHH
  2. Witnessing The Dearth
    by Königreichssaal
  3. Pierceive
    by Screaming Banshee
  4. SPHERE - π
    by Transcendance
  5. WORMHOLE - The Weakest Among Us
    by Lacerated Enemy records
  6. KONKEROR - The Abysmal Horizons
  7. BLADE OF HORUS - Monumental Massacre
    by Lacerated Enemy records
  8. Incoming Death
    by Asphyx
  9. Isblod
    by Ulvegr
  10. HELL-BORN - "Natas Liah"
    by Odium Records
  11. Bittersweet Temptation To Disappear Completely
    by Mádra
  12. Gods Have No Home
    by Eoront
  13. Over the Voids
    by Over The Voids...
  14. Earth and Space
    by Hænesy, Moondweller
  15. Shem Ha Mephorash
    by Mephorash
  16. Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague
    by Imprecation/ Black Blood Invocation
  17. Maher Shalal Hash Baz
  18. Before it all
    by The Penitent
  19. La Croix de Sang
    by Drastus
  20. Serpent's Chalice-Materia Prima
    by Drastus