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  1. Tempest In A Teacup (2013)
    by Mal Blum
    Side I'm On Side I'm On
  2. Sad Cadillac
    by Sad Cadillac
    Blow me Away Blow me Away
    ***** Oh, yeah, this one definitely gets five stars!
    "Blow Me Away" is a sweet song with sweet lyrics that's perfect for listening to with anyone that blows your mind.
    "Ridin' Poseidon" is a dreamy, underwater mythos that you'll happily sink into.
    "Fonzie Scheme" is a fun tune, and will teach you the proper way to say "Ayy!".
    "Over The Top" is not over the top at all. In fact, it's just right.
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  3. Subtle Luxuries
    by Midriffs
    Sunday Morning Cigarettes & Orange Juice Sunday Morning Cigarettes & Orange Juice
    ***** Five stars on this album. Fun surfer punk rock elements coupled with psychedelic fuzz. I LOVE the drums in the middle of Death Beach when it starts falling apart then all comes back together, and the sexy vocals on Sunday Morning Cigarettes & Orange Juice. I really hope these guys keep making music.
  4. In The Wake
    by wesley moore
    Breadwinner Breadwinner
    This is a wonderful album chock full of heart-felt lyrics by emerging singer/songwriter Wesley Moore. It's got a folky/bluesy/Dylan-ish feel.
  5. Sad House
    by Branch Walker
    Doing Drugs At Sad House Doing Drugs At Sad House