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  1. Geen Weg Uit
    by Dystopia
  2. Brokespeak
    by Strobes
  3. Numbers: 1-13
    by Three Trapped Tigers
  4. Three Trapped Tigers - Remix Or Die
    by Three Trapped Tigers
  5. Money
    by Louis cole
  6. LIVE 2019
    by Louis cole
    Night - Live 2019 Night - Live 2019
    Spectacular performance conjuring Zappa live in the 70's. Seeing this at the Paradiso show made the waiting very much worth it. The recording packs quite the punch :)
  7. Collection - Minus Drums
    by Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins
  8. A Friend is a Stranger you Haven't Met Yet
    by mdk
  9. Forever (EP)
    by Crypticz
  10. Replica
    by Oneohtrix Point Never
  11. EMAR Vol. 3
    by Evan Marien (EMAR)
  12. Crypticz - Eras [CKRA009]
    by the chikara project
    The deep and experimental sounds of Crypticz are very visual to me, especially his 'Eras' release. Rhythmically captivating combined with top notch sound design. An artist to follow.
  13. Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic
    by Secede
  14. When Can
    by Kettel & Secede
  15. Tryshasla (Deluxe Edition)
    by Secede
    Born In a Tropical Swamp Born In a Tropical Swamp
  16. Forever (EP)
    by Crypticz
  17. Self
    by Om Unit
  18. The Path
    by Crypticz
  19. Bodied
    by Ital Tek
  20. Father Forgive
    by Billa Bronx