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Ian McKellar

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  1. Psithurism
    by Michael Woodman
  2. Poor Boy
    by The Bonnevilles
  3. Sky Island
    by Yawning Sons
    Shadows and Echoes Shadows and Echoes
  4. Diaz Brothers
    by Diaz Brothers
  5. Wo Mapp EP
    by Mo Wabb
  6. Petroleum Spirit Daze
    by Swervedriver
  7. Mother Echo
    by Rael Jones
    Rael is one of the most talented musicians and songwriters it has ever been my pleasure to meet, he's also a lovely bloke. How could I not love this?
  8. Northern Gothic - Andrew McGibbon
    by Andrew McGibbon
  9. The New Adventures Of Curve
    by Curve
  10. Chinese Burn - Bootleg Series Vol 2
    by Curve
  11. Fait Accompli Live at Glastonbury 1992 Curve Bootleg Series Vol 3
    by Curve
  12. Blindfold EP - Bootleg Series Vol 1
    by Curve
  13. Now Stories Told
    by Poor Beastie
  14. SEER
    by Birdstone
  15. Habits
    by Elephant Tree
  16. Coriky
    by Coriky
    Clean Kill Clean Kill
    Any Fugazi related material is guaranteed a fanboy response from me. This is everything I was hoping for and more. Looking forward to the full album.
    by Yawning Man
  18. Tales From Outerspace : An Octaman's Odyssey
    by ÖfÖ Am
  19. Flock, Herd or Hive?
    by Y-BOT
  20. Zero Hours Band
    by Collapsed Lung
    Harlow, innit?