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  1. Foil Deer
    by Speedy Ortiz
    My Dead Girl My Dead Girl
    I’d describe Speedy Ortiz’s sound as very brash yet very melodic. The chord progressions and melodies are so wacky and out of place in a way that shouldn’t work but somehow still does, and I’m in love with it.
  2. Internet Sessions
    by Mars Argo
    Everything Turns to Gold (live acoustic) Everything Turns to Gold (live acoustic)
    Such a unique and beautiful voice <3 Everything Turns to Gold gives me chills and makes my heart feel calm
  3. Technology is a Dead Bird (Instrumental)
    by Mars Argo
  4. Technology is a Dead Bird
    by Mars Argo
  5. Linden Place EP
    by Mars Argo
    Beauty is Empty Beauty is Empty
  6. Pls Don't Forget Me
    by Mars Argo
    This is so cute <3
  7. Runaway Runaway
    by Mars Argo
  8. 1 Trait High
    by 1 Trait Danger
    an album that doesn't take itself too seriously yet still bops. 1 trait makes me really fucking happy ok
  9. 1 Trait World Tour
    by 1 Trait Danger
    Multiple Computer Mark Multiple Computer Mark
    this album goes so fuckin hard dude get this noise in ur ears right now
  10. Weird Bed &/or Yes Please
    by Joe Hawley
  11. Hangnail
    by Snakeskin
    Alone in a Crowded Room Alone in a Crowded Room
    good noise, i vibe with it
  12. HUH!
    by Minimall
    My Full Moon My Full Moon
    Happy sunshiny vibes, catchy tunes, and mesmerizing harmonies. Such a talented group and also some of the kindest people I've ever met (:
    by amaxites
    King of The Gnomes King of The Gnomes
    carburetor castleboy = epic
    appears in 1 other collection
  14. Cojum Dip
    by Cojum Dip
    Waltz in E-major, Op. 15 "Moon Waltz" Waltz in E-major, Op. 15 "Moon Waltz"
    This music is so quirky and intriguing, I knew when I first listened to it that I would have to hear it at least a thousand more times. Such a fun and addicting album, never gets old. Can't wait for more music from them! :D