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  1. Music: Here To Stay
    by 3D BLAST
  2. Call Me By Your Nail EP
    by Brain de Palma
  3. Metropolis
    by Marvel83'
  4. silhouette dreams
    by synchro//start
  5. Diplomatic Immunity
    by Client Liaison
  6. Blush
    by Lost Outrider
  7. Numérique Growth
    by PowerPCME
  8. Take me out of this world
    by The mellows
  9. alone online
    by chris†††
  10. Tomorrow, 2096
    by 沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖
  11. In Fall 秋
    by waterfront dining
  12. Zero Wave
    by ADMO
  13. Follow Me
    by he11gir1
  14. Bob Ross b/w Stripped (Synthy Sevens)
    by TEEEL
  16. WAVES
    by Daniel Quasar
  17. Pleasure (Coraspect Club LP Edition)
    by BarbWalters
  18. Curious Alice / It's Very Sunny
    by Memorex Memories
  19. Push
    by Maral
  20. 12 Days of Christmas Vaporwave
    by Raediophonic