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  1. Hologram Temple
    by Stellar Master Elite
  2. Femmes de L'Obscurité
    The Eyes Of My Mother (ft. CABLE) The Eyes Of My Mother (ft. CABLE)
    Do you smell it? That kind of dirty and gritty Electro that would perfectly fit in a sm club. Bang everything on the dancefloor!
  3. The Rise and Fall of a Demagogue
    by Exemia
    World Under Siege World Under Siege
  4. Stygian Baptism
    by VVOV
    The Hedonist The Hedonist
    VVOV finally seems to have found its own sound and evolves exponentially in it. They are gaining skill with interesting rhythm variations or catchy melodies but they really can do better by not rushing songwriting.
  5. Learning To Die
    by Reaktion
  6. Blackmailed Existence
    by Reaktion
  7. Nonsense
    by Mascarpone
    Nightmare Theory Nightmare Theory
    My wife says that it makes her want to have sex while playing the music. There is no counter-argument to that.
  8. Starthrone
    by Nebula Orionis
    Starthrone Starthrone
    I generally might not have empathy with space Black Metal but Starthrone keep sticking in my head so I guess that's a win. Overall, this is correct and the late records are promising.
  9. Slow And Heavy
    by Diplodocus
  10. Nameless King
    by Embrace Your Punishment
    Allegiance Allegiance
  11. Onslaught Of The Ancient Gods
    by Temple Of Demigod
  12. Moral Discourse
    by Exhausted Modern
    Lajya, Sukha, Raga Lajya, Sukha, Raga
    Organic, tribal, industrial... and so smooth! The music is very clever in its songwriting with rhythmic flowing through melodies.
  13. The Sufficiency of Their Immortality Frustrates All Earthly Glory
    by Phin
    Upon His Parole Upon His Parole
  14. Lords and Ashes
    by Lux Viridis
    Tomb of Ö Tomb of Ö
    An interesting approach of the drum parts makes LUX VIRIDIS more interesting in the DS scene. In this case, having a pace helps to keeps the melodies telling a story rather than inspiring a whole vibe.
  15. Urd, Skuld & Verdandi
    by Tir
  16. Teutonic Winter
    by Mosegrodd
    Song of the Valkyries Song of the Valkyries
  17. Enchantment of the Ring
    by Secret Stairways
    by 93SOVAGE
    I have been through Techno since twenty years now but I think I never heard such a heavy and pounding kick like the last two tracks than before. There is no other option than playing it loud on the dancefloor then to both stomp and headbang on it.
  19. The Interstice
    by Brand of Sacrifice
    Eclipse Eclipse
    This was starting well with Eclipse: great songwriting, sitar solo, clean vocals, huge breakdown... but what happened next? After the opening track it's like a regular american-laden "Brutal" Deathcore. That's unfortunate.
  20. Apocalypse Prime
    by Gregorio Franco
    The Blind Dead The Blind Dead
    This bringing Metal to Synthwave to another level! It's thought like a Metal song but composed with synth material: the keyboard sound amazingly like a synthetized guitar.
    Locate And Destroy Locate And Destroy
    The most heavy and darker approach of CYBERTHING's collection. I'll pass for the other records but this one is perfect for my taste.
  22. Sajkil
    by Yum Cimil
    Suutuk (Walking Korpse Remix) Suutuk (Walking Korpse Remix)
    I realised that the Walking Korpse remix is the only track I'm playing on this record. It managed to overcome all of the others with an Industrial approach and an amazing finale.
  23. Low Violence
    by D-Ba55e
    Low Violence Low Violence
    D-BASSE is just going straight to the point with, well, deep bass and basic riffs but hell it works! Sometimes, keeping it simple works even more that being too much technical.
  24. Smoke Weed Hail Satan & Shake Your Ass
    by Nahual
    Smoke Weed Hail Satan & Shake Your Ass (Exemia remix) Smoke Weed Hail Satan & Shake Your Ass (Exemia remix)
    Bought it for the Exemia and D-Bass remix only. They managed to put the regular Hardcore kick aside to make something even more deep, harsh but still danceable.
  25. "For The Kvlt" LP
    by Gör FLsh
    Killing It Killing It
    Darksynth for metalheads. Is the keyboard greety enough to sharp like a guitar or the latter so much distorted to sound like a laser? Well, just bang you head and crack your neck on it.
  26. Devourer
    by Æmɨt
  27. Pulse of Awakening
    by Der Ghul
    Trauma lll Trauma lll
    By lightly taking this EP, without looking for too much complexity, DER GHUL remains plain in his approach and it works! Great combination of Industrial Metal and Dark Electro with a smooth Darksynth approach.
  28. "Karma" EP
    by Revizia
    Karma Karma
    With just only 6 months after Phantom realse, REVIZIA returns in power with Karma. The only problem is to have a powerful first track that crushed everything that put every other tracks a bit bland. Please don't rush the further releases, that will be a shame to lose quality over quantity.
  29. Terminus: Rebirth In Eight Parts...
    by Vindensång
    Fading Light Fading Light
  30. Nullify (Album)
    by Ice Ages
    To be honest, I was awaiting the new ICE AGES record forever and I bought it before hitting the play button. I'm somewhat disappointed though... Is this good? Yes, but nothing new here and Buried Silence will clearly stay the one above all.
  31. D4VA001
    by D4-MASCHINE
    Trym - Bunker Therapy [D4VA001] Trym - Bunker Therapy [D4VA001]
    Various collection of the darker side of Industrial Techno. Everything is good but don't start with the first track or everything else will feel slighly less powerful.
  32. She Saw The Future
    by Znzl
    B1 - A Tear In The Matrix (original mix) B1 - A Tear In The Matrix (original mix)
  33. VA - Plague Born Heavyweight EP
    by Atomize, Kretan, Moth, Code: Pandorum, Cretin, Deathmatics, White Eyes, Kram
    Kram - JBJ Kram - JBJ
    High quality Deathstep compilation. Too bad there has not been other since this one.
  34. Video Club - EP
    by Mascarpone
    Faceless Faceless
    The French touch strikes again. Adding Industrial and horror influences to Darksynth is the way to have something dirty and grimy.
  35. La Caída de Tonatiuh
    El Nuevo Reino De Los Ahorcados El Nuevo Reino De Los Ahorcados
    Several bands are trying to bring Flamenco to Metal but no one has prooved to be successful. Except IMPUREZA. Come aboard to a hispanic journey through Old School Death Metal fast-paced riffs and clap your hands while headbanging.
  36. The Night
    by Cutoff:Sky
    Jack It Jack It
    Mainstream Electro with an Industrial touch from here and there. Great to introduce newcomers into the genre or to animate a party with people that think you're only listening noise.
  37. The Future
    by Cutoff:Sky
    The Future (Oleg Xaler edit) The Future (Oleg Xaler edit)
    Mainstream Electro with an Industrial touch from here and there. Great to introduce newcomers into the genre or to animate a party with people that think you're only listening noise.
  38. The Plague
    by Cutoff:Sky
    Zero Gravity Zero Gravity
    Mainstream Electro with a more Industrial approach than the most recent releases. Great to introduce newcomers into the genre or to animate a party with people that think you're only listening noise.
  39. Amen: Requiem for Heart Fragment
    by hologram_
    Thirteen Theorems Thirteen Theorems
  40. We Disappear
    by Hegemone
    Mara Mara
  41. Redemption (Unedited Version)
    by Snipers Of Babel
    25th Parallel 25th Parallel
    The band have some potential which comes really interesting from the second half of the record with a better songwriting, and a stronger and more technical structure. They could go far as three singers is defenitively a huge asset but that need to be exploit more though.
  42. Collected: Into The Dark Lands - We Are Family
    by Various
    Huge collection full of quality for a fair price.
  43. Dystopian Society
    by Nuit Noire
    B1 - Awake My Judgment B1 - Awake My Judgment
    Thoughtful, worked, smooth and fluid Industrial Techno. NUIT NOIRE will certainly appeal to Old School Techno lovers: the one that goes straight to the core with a sole drum and bass as main melody, without multiple effects to the point of not knowing on which note to focus.
  44. Dualism
    by Tundra
    Exoskeleton Industrialist Exoskeleton Industrialist
  45. Battle EP
    by DJ Stone
    Extinction Extinction
    The attempt of mixing Metal and Dubstep isn't a new concept but there is some interesting ideas that would have needed to be dig a bit more.
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