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  1. "Dishyped Nation" EP
    by Revizia
  2. Shaman
    by Orbit Culture
  3. Nija
    by Orbit Culture
    Rebirth Rebirth
  4. Dijara
    by Cuélebre
  5. Loudness E.P.
    by DJKurara
    Revengeful Ghost Train (Edit) Revengeful Ghost Train (Edit)
  6. Eventide
    by Reliqa
    Doomed Doomed
    by Dav Dralleon
    Sacred Sons Ov Horror Sacred Sons Ov Horror
  8. Astral Ejection EP
    by Mokushi
    Evanget Rekt Evanget Rekt
  9. Revenge
    by Warkings
  10. Agents Of S.W.E.A.T
    by Team Sweatwave
    King & Queen (Anders Enger Jensen Remix ft. Espen Kraft) King & Queen (Anders Enger Jensen Remix ft. Espen Kraft)
  11. The Ruins of Fading Light
    by Crypt Sermon
    Our Reverend's Grave Our Reverend's Grave
  12. Viperous
    by Vredehammer
    Viperous Viperous
  13. Ashes Of A Falling Empire
    by INBLEED
    Monster In My Brain Monster In My Brain
    Finally a band that is willing to mix Metal and Hardcore Techno! Even if INBLEED is categorically a Frenchcore band with Metal elements and not the other way round, the Metal side is well exploited with straightforward guitar and Melodeath inspired vocals.
  14. Transcending Material Sins
    by No Raza
  15. Incorporeal
    by Stoned God
  16. Digital God
    by SkyEye
  17. Warrior Path
    by Warrior Path
  18. Macedon
    by Achelous
    Al Iskandar Al Iskandar
  19. Downfall
    by Savage Blood
    Savage Blood Savage Blood
  20. De Ecclesiæ Universalis
    by Ecclesia
    God's Trial God's Trial
    The Apostolic See retains its main Deuterocanonic influence from the Doom Metal’s golden era and its heavy and slow codes. There are also some faster indult towards Heavy, even Thrash, but all the while remaining faithful to the dogma. Burn for Doom or be burned!