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  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. Rock
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    by KNOWER
  2. RUNNIN' WILD LIVE (Complete Edition)
  3. Kid Charleroi
    by Kid Charleroi
  4. Dig My Mood (25th Anniversary)
    by Nick Lowe
  5. America Dream Reserve
    by Compiled by Charles Bals & Henry Jones
  6. Meaningless
    by Jon Brion
  7. The Soft Struggles
    by David Brewis
  8. The Individualist, A True Star Live
    by Todd Rundgren
  9. ムサシノ・テープス
    by 直枝政広 Masahiro Naoe
  10. Live at WWWX (2022/01/29)
    by Skirt / スカート
    subscriber exclusive
  11. Someone/Anyone? A 50th Anniversary TRibute to Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything?
    by Various Artists
  12. Amour Aveugle (2021)
    by Garçon de Plage
  13. 『GET BACK SESSION:天国と地獄』Live at Shangri-La 2012.5.20
  14. 続・在宅・月光密造の夜 Vol.2
    by Skirt / スカート
  15. Trees (50th Anniversary Edition)
    by Trees
  16. The Convincer (20th Anniversary Edition)
    by Nick Lowe
  17. At My Age
    by Nick Lowe
  18. Private Space
    by Durand Jones & The Indications
    Because I've been impressed by both the group's and Aaron's albums.
  19. 続・在宅・月光密造の夜 Vol.1
    by Skirt / スカート
  20. The CBS Tapes
    by The Rubinoos