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  1. Chasm
    by Nullsleep
    Shadows in the Sky Shadows in the Sky
    Nullsleep is an artist that got me to realize the pure emotion of chip music. This album speaks to that statement. This is pure emotional power throughout this album. Amazing soundscapes and textures. Goes beyond what people may think music with a gameboy would be. I've waited a long while to hear these songs in a recorded format. It does not disappoint
  2. XIII
    by Hypnogram
    Dapper Tapir Hacker Dapper Tapir Hacker
    What I like about this album is the attention to detail in the sound design. The vibes are powerful, otherworldly. Great for a car ride and you need to go on a ride in your mind. This album gets it and does it. If I was to show someone what Midwest chip music is about this would be one of the strong examples of it.
  3. Instruments of Action (2018 Reissue)
    by forget cassettes
  4. Ritalin and Mahogany
    by FLOWERS
  5. Jelly
    by roboctopus
  6. Refresh
    by TREY FREY
  7. April Showers & May Flowers
    by The One Electronic
  8. Demos
    by Zijnzijn Zijnzijn!
    by andaruGO
  10. Once More Unto the Breach
    by MrWImmer
    Dreamzzz Dreamzzz
  11. Cheap Dinosaurs
    by Cheap Dinosaurs
  12. Peakout
    by SSD
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. Victory Lapse
    by roboctopus