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  1. "Golden Soul" Illustrated Flexi Single
    by Spirit Was
  2. Denim Jacket Weather
    by Ronnie Rogers
  3. I Need to Start a Garden
    by Haley Heynderickx
  4. Taster
    by Hovvdy
  5. Flat Earth
    by Wyatt Smith
  6. Bird Kill Worm
    by Melaina Kol
  7. Face Eating Phantom Men
    by Melaina Kol
  8. can we call this kindness
    by kitchen
    . .
  9. Care
    by David Bazan
  10. Arrayed Above the Seraphim Light
    by Even Oxen
  11. Orchard
    by LVL UP
  12. Hourglass
    by Dearly Somber
    Sabrina Sabrina
  13. "Golden Soul" Illustrated Flexi Single
    by Spirit Was
    Olive Branch & Brown Dove Olive Branch & Brown Dove
  14. Marianne
    by Tyler Burkhart
    Someone else Someone else
  15. Alex G / R.L. Kelly Split
    by Alex G / R.L. Kelly
    Fake Out Fake Out
  16. petits gnomes
    by poqpie
    town anthem town anthem
  17. Huli ka
    by Pluperfect
    i don't know i don't know
  18. Not Glitterer
    by Glitterer
    Did Not Did Not
  19. Promise
    by Wyatt Smith
    Raining Knives Raining Knives
  20. Free
    by Wyatt Smith