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  1. Pat Thiele - Old Mates @ COMA 2016 09 16
    by Pat Thiele
    Old Mates Suite Old Mates Suite
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  2. James Muller Adelaide Quartet @ COMA 2015 02 09
    by James Muller
    Aquium Aquium
    James Muller is a terrific guitar player and the whole band is awesome. This is one of the best records in the COMA project in my opinion.
    Unfortunately this band has broken up, their only record Capital is modern jazz at its best.
    by João Machala Sexteto
    Barcelona Barcelona
    Too bad it's short. Please João, give us a full length album ASAP.
  5. Peludo
    El Octavo... El Octavo...
    I clicked on this as I was intrigued by that smart cover art, then I discovered the beautiful music inside. Amazing jazz album.
  6. A
    by Itamar Gov-Ari
    The Cheat The Cheat
    This is a brilliant production of keyboard-centric jazz with some rock inclination. If you like the genre, go get it, A is class A.
  7. Mutant
    by The Fusionauts
    Notice of Offence Notice of Offence
    One word: gorgeous.
  8. EP
    by Mandala Quartet
    Le Vieil Arbre Tordu Au Milieu Le Vieil Arbre Tordu Au Milieu
    For some unknown reason, this 2010 EP appears now, april 2017, among the new jazz arrivals. That's good anyway, the EP is just amazing.
  9. The Firing Squad EP
    by The Firing Squad
    Knight's Gambit Knight's Gambit
    Funky, groovy and energetic. Good music at nominal price you can only find on Bandcamp. Thanks guys.
  10. Child Of Somebody
    by Ross McHenry
    Sketch Sketch
    Just like Ross' first album, this is a stunner. So much solicitation for the ears that's almost hard to digest the whole album in one single listening session. This man and his band deliver.
  11. No moon, no sun, no age.
    by Fernando Rusconi hammond Organ trio.
    Legado Legado
    This one to remind how jazz is rooted in blues, amongst others. So good.
  12. Evidential
    by Mike Hobart Quintet
    Evidential Evidential
    Totally agree with Chris Phillips, this is a superb piece of art.
  13. Jamil Jamal
    by Yazz Ahmed
    Generally I don't buy single tracks, I'm even reluctant to buy EPs, but this track is a stunner I cannot miss. Simply fabulous.
  14. Mellow Steez - EP
    by Mellow Steez
    Relax Relax
    Jazzy atmospheres and soulful singing. Promising debut for sure.
  15. Unification
    by Greg Duncan
    Intro. to the Subconscious Intro. to the Subconscious
    This is just fabulous jazz. Excellent playing, production and mastering.
  16. A Group Effort
    by Chris Greene Quartet
    Bride of Mr. Congeniality Bride of Mr. Congeniality
    Just discovered this stunning quartet's music, I'm loving it.
  17. Conclusiones
    by Fernando Rusconi hammond Organ trio.
    Equinox Equinox
    Energetic and bluesy. With a hell of damn good hammond sound and a terrific guitar player. Brilliant.
  18. Secret Stash
    by Steve Haines
    Secret Stash Secret Stash
    Good hardbop with prominent use of electric guitar. I especially like the swing in it.
  19. Despertar
    Sur Sur
    Enthralling debut album by a raw talent band from Argentina. A mix of styles with jazz being the glue that ties it all. Good.
  20. The Ayahuasca Day Trip
    by Martin Gohary's Death Wish
    under the canopy under the canopy
    The title is appropriate, just put on your best headphones, press start, close your eyes, and chances are you may have a trip induced by this mesmerising jazz album. Highly recommended.
  21. In Pieces
    by Danil Zverkhanovsky
    In Pieces, Act I In Pieces, Act I
    Danil and mates made a good job with this pleasant album.
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  22. Stretch Music
    by Christian Scott
    Sunrise in Beijing (Feat. Elena Pinderhughes) Sunrise in Beijing (Feat. Elena Pinderhughes)
    What a fantastic album conceived and played by such young artists! The future of jazz is bright.
  23. Wise Guy
    by Will Paynter & The Hardbop Collective
    Noir Noir
    Enthralling hard bop album that would be a perfect soundtrack for a hard boiled movie.
  24. Chapter 7
    by Ezra Collective
    Enter The Jungle Enter The Jungle
    This stunning musical endeavour, ranging from jazz to hip-hop to reggae, really showcases a raw talent. All the musicians are so good, but the pianist, Jesus...
  25. Homegrown
    by Jason Parker Quartet
    Snickerdoodle Fritz Snickerdoodle Fritz
    The JP quartet plays a bunch of bebop tunes from Seattle scene's composers. The result imo is quite good.
  26. Wisdom of Elders
    by Shabaka And The Ancestors
    The Observer The Observer
    Can't believe what I hear... just fabulous. If you love jazz, buy this album right now, it's fully worth each pound they ask.
  27. WATTS
    by Jeff "Tain" Watts
    Return of the Jitney Man Return of the Jitney Man
    This is a stellar jazz album and a blueprint of musical genius. With Branford Marsalis on sax, besides. Jazz enthusiasts cannot miss this.
  28. Mystery To Me
    by Janek Gwizdala
    Mystery To Me Mystery To Me
    This is sublime jazz, period.
  29. Remember The Night
    by Erik Jackson
    Moonlight Moonlight
    You simply can't go wrong with Erik, his productions are always top-notch. And the notes for every single track... I find them amazing. God bless Erik.
  30. All Day Under The Heavens
    by My Neighbour Is
    Get Lost In A Minute Get Lost In A Minute
    Fancy listening to some good dub/reggae stuff? If so, this will suit you fine.
  31. BBNG
    Based Is How You Feel Inside Based Is How You Feel Inside
    The burst of a musical phenomenon.
  32. Distant Oceans
    by Ross McHenry
    Intercosmos Intercosmos
    I'm speechless....
  33. Remixes and Rethoughts
    by Erik Jackson
    A Good Evening (Erik's with the Kids Remix) A Good Evening (Erik's with the Kids Remix)
    Another brilliant atmospheric release by Erik. I love the trumpet work, and the beats of course. Ah, and the deep bass too :-)
  34. Press Play
    by Resolution 88
    Caughtus Interruptus Caughtus Interruptus
    Can funky-jazz get better than this? Barely, imo. Fans of Weather Report: grab this on instant.
  35. Almost Dark
    by Erik Jackson
    For The Lonely ft. Vicky Flint For The Lonely ft. Vicky Flint
    Dark crossover of jazz and trip hop. Beautiful ballads best enjoyed in the middle of the night.
  36. The Extrovert City
    by Kaidi Tatham
    The Extrovert City The Extrovert City
    This short EP should be the first release entitled to Kaidi Tatham; it is just fantastic, never heard something so good for a very long time. Buy it, you won't regret.
  37. Oscuridad
    by Fernando Rusconi Organ trio
    La era de los modernos (parte 2) La era de los modernos (parte 2)
    Classy, eclectic, damn good...
  38. A Tribute to the Fort Apache Band
    by Jerry González & Miguel Blanco Big Band
    Agüeybaná Agüeybaná
    When Latin jazz is so good, that's so good jazz
  39. Wishful Thinking
    by Nick Granville Group
    Somewhere You've Been Somewhere You've Been
    So beautiful... Mei might melt your heart, while Play It Again might kick your socks off. Thank you Nick
  40. Home
    by Nick Granville Group
    Matakana Matakana
    If you like Pat Metheny, you'll likely appreciate this.