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  1. Walking Dark
    by Phronesis
  2. Life To Everything
    by Phronesis
    This is a stunning album I've been listening to on repeat for a long time in mp3 format. Soon or late I had to buy to the flac, and so I did. The lossless format lets better appreciate one of the best jazz trio performance one can possibly ever hear. Stellar!
  3. Theatre By The Sea
    by Janek Gwizdala
    While casually listening to "Mistery to me" which I bought long time ago, I made a point of checking again Janek's discography at the first occasion. And so I discovered this jewel. Great music.
  4. Juan Pablo: The Philosopher
    by Ezra Collective
    Chapter 7 has been one of the freshest and most impressive sort of modern jazz I've heard for a long while (along with Christian Scott and Shabaka Hutchings). This one is a solid confirmation of a huge talent ensemble. Just phenomenal.
  5. Nick Pennington Quartet @ COMA 2017 07 17
    by Nicholas Pennington
  6. Pat Thiele - Old Mates @ COMA 2016 09 16
    by Pat Thiele
  7. James Muller Adelaide Quartet @ COMA 2015 02 09
    by James Muller
    James Muller is a terrific guitar player and the whole band is awesome. This is one of the best records in the COMA project in my opinion.
    by João Machala Sexteto
    Too bad it's short. Please João, give us a full length album ASAP.
  9. Peludo
    I clicked on this as I was intrigued by that smart cover art, then I discovered the beautiful music inside. Amazing jazz album.
  10. A
    by Itamar Gov-Ari
    This is a brilliant production of keyboard-centric jazz with some rock inclination. If you like the genre, go get it, A is class A.
  11. Mutant
    by The Fusionauts
    One word: gorgeous.
  12. EP
    by Mandala Quartet
    For some unknown reason, this 2010 EP appears now, april 2017, among the new jazz arrivals. That's good anyway, the EP is just amazing.
  13. The Firing Squad EP
    by The Firing Squad
    Funky, groovy and energetic. Good music at nominal price you can only find on Bandcamp. Thanks guys.
  14. Child Of Somebody
    by Ross McHenry
    Just like Ross' first album, this is a stunner. So much solicitation for the ears that's almost hard to digest the whole album in one single listening session. This man and his band deliver.
  15. No moon, no sun, no age.
    by Fernando Rusconi hammond Organ trio.
    This one to remind how jazz is rooted in blues, amongst others. So good.
  16. Evidential
    by Mike Hobart Quintet
    Totally agree with Chris Phillips, this is a superb piece of art.
  17. Jamil Jamal
    by Yazz Ahmed
    Generally I don't buy single tracks, I'm even reluctant to buy EPs, but this track is a stunner I cannot miss. Simply fabulous.
  18. Mellow Steez - EP
    by Mellow Steez
    Jazzy atmospheres and soulful singing. Promising debut for sure.
  19. Unification
    by Greg Duncan
    This is just fabulous jazz. Excellent playing, production and mastering.
  20. A Group Effort
    by Chris Greene Quartet
    Just discovered this stunning quartet's music, I'm loving it.