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  1. Foul Examination of Putrefied Remains
    by Decrepitorum
  2. Im finstren Tal
  3. Scalpels For Blind Surgeons
    by Lord Gore
  4. Supraliminal
    by Nothingness
  5. Cendres De Haine
    by Cendres De Haine
  6. Perisynti - Lihaksi tullut Perkele
    by Perisynti
  7. Wintarnaht - An​þ​jaz
    by Wintarnaht
  8. Stodor Wilzorum - Stodor Wilzorum
    by Stodor Wilzorum
  9. Violent Creed Of Vengeance
    by Smoulder
  10. Blood Metal
    by Bloody Hell
  11. Profane Eternity
    by Nöldr
  12. Misanthropic Forest
    by Nöldr
  13. Dynasty ov the Darkened Evocations (EP)
    by Nöldr
  14. Dreamscape of the Ancients (EP)
    by Necrotum
  15. Officium Mortuorum (Split)
    by Necrotum
  16. Undead Symbiosis (Album)
    by Necrotum
  17. Of Clarity And Galactic Structures
    by The Spirit
  18. Reaching Beyond Assiah
    by Outlaw
  19. Black Sarcophagus And The Blistering Silent Sea
    by Rotten Offerings
  20. Haatland
    by Dead Head