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  1. Paloma Wind
    Paloma Wind 1 Paloma Wind 1
    John Hudak is one of our great artists in sound. His work has been influential to a generation of sound artists, and continues......check out his available catalogue ( with, hopefully, more re-releases to come )-for example, his "pieces of winter" created with Stephan Mathieu, which is a snowfall miked, the sound of accumulation producing many revelations.......and, so much more. An artist you should be checking out, if you haven't already! am/ss/tm
  2. Little Pink Fluffy Clouds D
    by Karen Vogt
  3. Little Pink Fluffy Clouds A
    by Karen Vogt
  4. just get me out of this fucking city
    by Anne Sulikowski
  5. In the Moment Remix Tape
    by Makaya McCraven
  6. Grapes
    by Ben LaMar Gay
  7. if all will be lost
    by Maps and Diagrams
  8. Better Late Than Never
    by aus & Danny Norbury
  9. Paint by Numbers, Vol. 1
    by Goon
  10. Whalebone Arch
    by Otis Jordan
  11. Elysian Fields
    by James Osland & Andrew Heath
    A blessing for redemption A blessing for redemption
    James Osland has created some of Stephen's most-played music, in fact he has Island's "Lullabies for Nora" on almost every day !! SO, imagine this collaboration between James and Andrew Heath- beautifully produced and mastered- a gorgeous journey. The download comes with wonderful altered images,! am/ss/tm
  12. Come With Fierce Grace
    by Alabaster DePlume
    Fall On Flowers Fall On Flowers
    Unlike Alabaster's other albums, this is more like his "serious side"- more in the improvisatory playing, cool instrumental side of his many faceted
  13. 2023 Extras
    by part timer
  14. Lullabies For Nora // Self Release
    by James Osland
    06. There Is Beauty In This Fragile World 06. There Is Beauty In This Fragile World
    Ever since the release of Osland's " Spending time with you" we haven't had him off our daily playlists-this will go a long way -this album is gorgeous, expansive, calming- we are happy to have any new release by James ! Stephen plays this release just about every day !! ss/am
  15. Drei Formen
    by arovane
  16. Islands
    by Maps and Diagrams
    Eigg Eigg
    It's Maps and Diagrams! Tim Diagram can do no wrong. We have been consistent fans of his music for more than a decade, and he just gets better.....and each release is a joy. ss/tm/am
  17. I was waiting (now I'm not)
    by Duelling Ants
    Have less Have less
    Just amazing - we have all of his the Duelling Ants output- and mix it up- Hans has carved out his own space- a sound unlike any others, and he is prolific ! So, basically, we are
  18. Reise
    by Duelling Ants
  19. Shades Of Colours Unseen
    by Duelling Ants
  20. How I Learnt To Disengage from The Pack
    by Ben McElroy
    Bed Down In The Murk Bed Down In The Murk
    Ben Mclroy is so eclectic in his approach- no one else combines the genres he uses with ease. His far-reaching compositions will delight and captivate - he even sings!