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Shuai Jiang

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  1. Hollow Knight
    by Keith Deuser
  2. Castlevania III
    by Brando
  3. Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata
    by Mega Ran and Sammus
  4. Castlevania: Chiptunes of the Night
    by Shiryu
  5. Castlevania Orchestral Medley
    by String Player Gamer
  6. BANJOVANIA - A Castlevania Tribute
    by Banjo Guy Ollie
  7. 4 Hour of Gothic Castle Organ Music
    by Gabriel Noncris
  8. A Castlevania Tribute
    by Elderfrost
  9. Castellum Sanguis LXVIII: Castlevania X68000 Tribute Album
    by SindraVania Projects
  10. Castlevania: Dracula X OST Remixes
    by Achromatic Residue
  11. Holy Whiplash +
    by ThePlasmas
  12. Castlevania
    by kareshi
    by David Westerlund
  14. Castlevania: The Eternal Legacy
    by Vernian Process
  15. Metalvania
    by MegaDriver
  16. Wood Carving Partita (from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
    by Paul Adrian Moldez | Guitarist
  17. Castlevania; Symphony of the Night Tribute Collection
    by Goodknight Productions
  18. Castlevania Series Tribute Collection
    by Goodknight Productions
  19. Castlevania - Dance of Pales
    by Laurence Manning
    by David Westerlund