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  1. Electronic
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    by PolyGlove
  2. Man Fears the Darkness, and So He Scrapes Away at the Edges of It With Fire
    by My Sister's Fugazi Shirt
  3. Midnight Store
    by Donor Lens
  4. Groovy Noodles
    by Jazzy Ryuuji
  5. Candles
    by Xeuphoria
  6. Japanese Graphics
    by Cujeyé
  7. Warp
    by Shirobon
  8. Girls on Bikes / Boys on Boards (24-bit)
    by Opus Science Collective
  9. Summer 99
    by Iden Kai
  10. The Never Ending
    by FM Attack
  11. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker
  12. Junky Memorabilia
    by Superflat
  13. BUY NOW (Deluxe Edition)
    by Eyeliner
  14. Slice of Life 2
    by cute girls doing cute things
  15. Slice of Life
    by cute girls doing cute things
  16. Anime Chip
    by 3xBlast
  17. After School
    by 3xBlast
  18. Retrospect
    by TDK
  19. Pretty Eight Machine SE
    by Inverse Phase
  20. Warp
    by Shirobon