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Spencer Torrico

  1. Mesa, Arizona
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Still Standing
    by illmac
    Still Standing feat. Bobby Bucher (prod. by Chase Moore) Still Standing feat. Bobby Bucher (prod. by Chase Moore)
  2. Hugo and Rufus
    by Soul Khan
    Jon Hamm Jon Hamm
    This song, and the whole album in general, is so well crafted it's a wonder how the entire populace of the world over doesn't know of Soul Khan by now.
    This album is a fantastic mix of lyricism and melody. The skill put into the lyrics is rivaled by none. There isn't one Soul Khan song that I've listened to and not smiled and thought "damn that is one clever reference, I wonder how many people understood that".
    This 4 track album is no different. A must have.
  3. Doing My Music
    by Math Hoffa
  4. Psalm EP
    by Soul Khan
    The Machine f Akie Bermiss The Machine f Akie Bermiss
  5. Vol. 2.5
    by AudioTreats
    Graffiti (Intro) Graffiti (Intro)
    It was a toss up between this one, Unforgettable, and Pop n' Go. But this song just sounds so relaxing to me, and I've actually fallen asleep to it on some stormy days. I dont know how AudioTreats does it, but this song is pure magic. Let it entrance you
  6. Youth
    by Kanibeat
    Tonight Tonight
    This music brings me so many different feelings. I see myself on the top floor of a nice hotel, overlooking a beautifully lit city skyline at night; I feel like I'm laying on a grassy hill side looking up at the endless night sky, and so many other situations. Amazingly melodic and relaxing, this album has a song for every moment in life
  7. The Mansion EP
    by Obey The Altar Native
    The Lounge ft.Ryder of Superfresh Robots The Lounge ft.Ryder of Superfresh Robots
    One of the few hip hop groups actually fully invested in making REAL hip hop. I saw this group live in concert one time and became a fan ever since! They haven't made a wack track yet.
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  8. Vol.1 EP
    by AudioTreats
    Maze Maze
    The sounds are insanely unique and every song has such a catchy vibe to it; truly a standout in a day where music is over saturated with the same sounding nonsense. A must buy!