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Charles N. Charge

  1. Oakland, California
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. IV
  2. King Cobra
    by Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals
  3. Left Handed Straw
    by Controller 7
  4. Sedale Threat
    by Wrecking Crew
  5. Why Look Up, God's In The Mirror
    by Lukah
  6. Flash Grenade
    by Buck 65 x Tachichi
  7. History Will Absolve Me [10YEAR EDITION]
    by billy woods
  8. Language Arts Unit
    by Rhys Langston
  9. Different World
    by QM & Ernie McCrackin
  10. DJ Mo Niklz presents They Who Control The Weather
    by Armand Hammer
  11. _uck_rt
    by sole
  12. Των Νεκρών Αδελφών
    by rak & onesecafterthelaughter
  13. Mood Valiant
    by Hiatus Kaiyote
  14. IV
  15. From Nowhere to North
    by Nosdam + Rayon
    by Y*O*U*N*G*M*A*N & Celestaphone
  17. exhale02: Moments
    by Controller 7
  18. Heaven To A Tortured Mind
    by Yves Tumor
    Gospel For A New Century Gospel For A New Century
    1 of the best opening tracks to lead off an album in a long fucking time. That shit is so hard. And I just heard about this album on what’s in my bag. Every one else has been down since .day one. Good for y’all. 🤌🏼🤏👌🖕🏽🖖🏾
  19. Wriggle (Expanded)
    by clipping.
  20. On A Sick One/Nyquil/WBAD Flexi Bundle
    by Luke Sick/Dankslob
    Side 2 Stoages Side 2 Stoages
    Best $23 I’ve spent in a while. The cdr they send you is totally Luke Sick. Rapping like Luke Sick do. Where’s a guest? Where’s chip(mega),shit where’s jihad the roughneck, it’s all Luke all day. I love Luke, zZ-manny. Does everyone got kids or something. Stop acting talking bout the good ole Gurp City #?mcoroville # #topersgay #12ftdeep #moredeeper. On the tape in particular I can’t last five minutes listening to it. But sure is a novelty.