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  1. Cute Tragedies
    by Astrophysics
  2. Receiver 2 Meditations (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by H. Anton Riehl
  3. Receiver II (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by H. Anton Riehl
  4. meditations
    by mynameisgarrett
    warm warm
    A melancholic exploration of the weirdness and loneliness of the universe. Brilliant album art as always. Occasional rhythms give structure without harming the unusual synth-y ambient twee. A well thought out experience, definitely worth your time.
  5. Containment Area ~ Sector Zero | 1 Hour Extended Mix
    by Forgotten Dawn
  6. Times Like These JULY 2021 LP
    by SPC ECO
  7. Starfall Sounds EP
    by Moon-Tone
  8. Some Music for Muck
    by Context Sensitive
  9. VEIL
    by The Galactic Effect
  10. Day By Day JUNE 2021 LP
    by SPC ECO
    by The Galactic Effect
    Destroy yourself and be remade in psychedelic arpeggios.
  12. 33 MHz
    by Waveshaper
    This is what turning on the 80s sounds like. The "power on" button press used to be such an affair.
  13. Terrestrial Bodies
    by Ghost Lode
    Bodies for Survival Bodies for Survival
    I couldn't pull myself away. Terrestrial Bodies is a soothing and emotional exploration of the brevity of exercise in letting go. Its a reminder of the duality of our lives and how truly beautiful that can be.
  14. music from the underground
    by cru
    circular slit circular slit
    A scrappy collection of eclectic sounds and beautiful piano melodies. Gather in the dimly lit basement and listen to great minds tinker.
  15. Compendium Reliquiae
    by DIM
    The Compendium draws to a close with all the melancholy I've come to expect. The 30 minute ambience is worth the experience alone.
  16. Silence EP
    by Monasteries
    Digital Suicide Digital Suicide
    Do you go to church? No, I go to a Monastery. Which one? The one at the end of the fucking world.
  17. C-GIRL
    by City Girl
    WII DATE (feat. tiffi, highvyn, siopaolo) WII DATE (feat. tiffi, highvyn, siopaolo)
    Pop infused with City Girl's groovy sound. Smooth easy listening, smart jams, pleasant thumping bass. C-GIRL is an evolution, a rad next step for an artist I can't get enough of.
  18. The limitless sweet love of precious suffering
    by Blessed are the Hearts that Bend
  19. Sleep Tones
    by Six Organs Of Admittance
  20. interface ep
    by mynameisgarrett