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  1. Hell Did Freeze Over / Lost Empire ´93 Full Session EP (Bonus Tracks)
    Into Thy Hands - Hell Did Freeze Over EP Into Thy Hands - Hell Did Freeze Over EP
    old school death doom metal with killer vocals ⚡🤘
  2. Carry Me Ohio
    by We Are The Empty
  3. We're Not Here To Be Loved
    by fleshwater
    You guys bring that heavy alternative rock back with beautiful vocals.glad I discovered y'all. The whole album is my favorite track.
  4. Seance EP
    by Spotlights
    Your Morning Kill Your Morning Kill
    They just get better and better.
  5. Alchemy For The Dead
    by Spotlights
    Ballad In The Mirror Ballad In The Mirror
    Finally more Spotlights! Love the creepy album cover and name of the songs. Can't wait to hear the rest, hopefully it's more of the same with the vocals up front and heavy as fuck.
  6. Moonlight Desires (Gowan)
    by Cauldron
  7. bckwards 36
    by cruush
  8. Sombre By The Weekend
    by cruush
  9. Stomacher
    by Stomacher
  10. Love You To Death (2020 Remaster)
    by Constants
  11. Mind Freeze
    by Haunt
    the 80's synths the bad ass guitar solos and the cool vocals what more can you ask for?
  12. Kindred Spirits
    by Arctic Sleep
  13. Beyond the Sinking
    by VEXES
    Dark and mesmerizing. I can't wait for the rest of the album to drop.
  14. Being And Nothingness
    by Hexen
    The Nescient The Nescient
    The vinyl reissue is beautiful. All killer no filler.
  15. Chasing Ghosts
    by Stabbing Westward
    The End The End
    Love the new album. Only complaint is why did they have to remix crawl? I liked the other version way more.
  16. Relics of the Dead
    Festering Tombs Festering Tombs
    Heavy old school death/Doom Metal kicks ass!🤘⚡
  17. Foreverglade
    by Worm
  18. I Am Nothing
    by Stabbing Westward
    Stabbing westward are back and sound like they never went away! Dark and heavy just the way I like it.
  19. The Tritonus Bell
    by Hooded Menace
    Corpus Asunder  Corpus Asunder 
    Everything I love about metal death doom and 80's riffs and solos. I can hear the candlemass influence. The artwork is awesome and fits the horror themed music. Would have been even more bad ass if Andy LaRocque did some guest solos!
  20. Secrypts Of The Egochasm
    by Vaelmyst
    The Coin Of This Realm The Coin Of This Realm
    The wait was worth it. Hopefully we can get some physical copies.The piano breakdown on the coin of this realm is beautiful.