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  1. The Woes of a Mortal Earth
    by Brimstone Coven
  2. Mowerviolence
    by Shitload
    This is glorious. It's the new punk. Play it backwards and you hear angels. Listen to it in an iso tank.
  3. Finding Euphoria
    by Storm Within
    Great riffs with a Fates Warning vibe!
  4. Nostalgia
    by Vessel
    The Dreaming The Dreaming
    In USA our exposure to Australia amounts to two 35 year old movies and a crappy steakhouse that serves a decent blue cheese salad.

    Not any more! Fellow Americans, embrace Vessel! This is a really, really good twist on stoner, desert rock. The vocals are top notch! The riffs are many and they are thunderous. Good production. Hit play then hit pay!!!
  5. Astro Cruiser/Black Kraken Demo
    by Space Caravan
    Black Kraken Black Kraken
    RELEASE THE JAMS!!! Killer stoner rock with the always needed tongue-in-cheek retro sci-fi element.

    Vocals are upper register without conjuring that dufus from Chemical Romance. The breakdown in Astro Cruiser is badass. Excellent Fu Manchu and Sword influences here.

    My question to the band: "Why only two songs???" Get back to the rehearsal room, lads!
  6. Rumpus Time Is Over
    by Angelic Desolation
    Bloody Buddy Bloody Buddy
    Sitting in the crappy lobby of the shittiest hotel in Houston's lamest suburb. Bedbug found! I moved to another slightly less vile room. The coffee sucks here. One of those "kill me now" moments, right?

    Not really, because today I discovered Angelic Desolation.

    It's a precious commodity missing in most all death metal - a sense of irony and self awareness. These dudes have assembled a total package of sonic pummeling, supremely funny lyrics and visually intriguing artwork. Kill me now!!!
  7. Ghost Smoke
    by Fumarole
    I didn't know what a fumarole is. It's "an opening in or near a volcano, through which hot sulfurous gases emerge." Perfect!

    Bass opening riff - check!
    Heavy duty guitar and drums lock in with precision - check!
    Proper weed reference - check!

    "Ghost Smoke follows the migration of escaped slaves on a hostile mining planet." Concept album coming, right???!!! We want more!

  8. Lightning Born
    by Lightning Born
  9. Tinnitus the Night
    by Roadsaw
  10. Supercluster
    by Salem's Bend
  11. Time of the Healer
    by Bright Curse
  12. The Turk an' wot E' Smokes
    by Sister Midnight
  13. Ripple Music - Fully Jacked
    by Ripple Music
  14. Telepath
    by Hornss
  15. Cry Of The Ocean
    by Stubb
  16. Burning of The Season
    by The Flying Eyes
  17. The Sunken Djinn / Olde One (live) Single
    by Vokonis
  18. Sleep Among The Dead
    by Doomstress
  19. I
    by DarkStarCoven
    As Burning Angels Fall As Burning Angels Fall
    Brutal and relentless. So much to love about this hateful, hateful music! Stretch or do yoga or whatever before you listen to this cause you're about to be pummelled!!!
  20. Old Time Revival
    by Ramblin' Roze