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  1. Understory
    by Ochre
  2. MOACD9
    by Various
  3. Parallel Series 1 Bistro Boy || Daveeth
    by Glawiio Music
    Dreamland Dreamland
    Bistro Boy has the incredible ability to write music not for you, but for your heart and your soul. His tracks here are so touching and so full of joy. Brilliant musician. Great all around album!
  4. Catalog 1
    by Cult48
  5. John Digweed - Quattro
    by John Digweed, Various Artists
  6. New Light
    by Gidge
  7. Octal Industries - Julia Sets / Mike Huckaby RMX
    by Kontakt Records
  8. Octal Industries - Changing Seasons - Vertex 002
    by verdant recordings
  9. The Omarion Nebula
    by Martin Stürtzer
  10. Your Revised Reality
    by MUUI
    Yesterday's Mirror Yesterday's Mirror
    There is so much depth, beauty, clever composition and much, much more you get with this album. All tracks are absolutely brilliant and loaded with emotion, exploratory intelligence as you glide on the melodies, and this raw energy that we all need right now to lift us and carry us through these hard times.
    From beginning to end, its BRILLIANT and AMAZING to say the least.
  11. The Subharmonicon EP
    by Oora
  12. Sólheimar
    by Bistro Boy
  13. An Hour is a Sea
    by Dextro
  14. V.H.S. Volcanic / Harmonic / Sounds
    by Buspin Jieber
  15. Spinn
    by Pjusk
  16. Nónfjall
    by Skurken
    Fyrir nesið Fyrir nesið
    There is so much beauty, creativity, love and even craziness in this album. Its packed with warmth and a fantastic piece to play when you need to be uplifted or energized. It needs a listen or two before it starts to sink in, but once it does, get ready for a ride!
  17. evolve
    by Bistro Boy
    Connecting Us Connecting Us
    There is a ton of beauty and soul in this album. Its very introspective, at times melancholic while at other times very cheerful. It really delivers a very enjoyable journey. There is beautiful fluidity from one track to another and a ton of thought put into the overall album. All in all an excellent album that will put a big smile on your face.
  18. Our Seasons
    by Octal Industries
    Another Day Another Day
    Some musicians/bands have the ability to "speak" to your soul through their music. This is definitely one of them. Get ready for gorgeous and hypnotic fields of melodies, all layered on top of soul soothing rhythms. This is a beautiful album with upbeat and intelligent tracks that can calm your mind while giving you a nice boost of energy. The tracks are beautifully structured and perfectly mastered for a nice stereo setup. Great evening listening when you need to relax from a busy day.
  19. Live at Yaga
    by Pjusk
    You listen to this because it speaks. It speaks of a story that something amazing is out there. It exists, out there and the more you listen to it, the more it enters your mind and starts to show you how amazing its dimension is. Absolutely phenomenal, atmospheric, insanely intelligent, and just jaw dropping beautiful. Next time I am in Norway I must share a beer with you two boys!

    You must listen to this four+ times and it will start to talk to you. I am there and its freekin' beautiful.
  20. Mirada
    by MUUI
    Very elegant and smooth single track with beautifully engineered instruments. Very enjoyable to just kick back and listen to this deep tune with a book in your hand. MUUI is an amazing artist and its great to see his works here.