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  1. The Kraken Quartet - Audiotree Live
    by The Kraken Quartet
    Chance The Dog (the song) Chance The Dog (the song)
  2. Sounds Like Murder
    by Septa
    11th: Omen 11th: Omen
  3. Fever Daydream
    by The Black Queen
    Secret Scream Secret Scream
  4. Volume 1
    by Mathcore Index
    Deer Slayer Deer Slayer
  5. Ropes
    by Septa
    Ropes (EP edit) Ropes (EP edit)
    Septa is a kind of band that play with music. I mean, these guys re-forge their style in almost every release. "What if we do this, and what if that.."

    They aren't scared to play some part a bit longer. Or to manipulate one even riff in plenty ways, so it sounds fresh till the end of the song.

    I would say, their music gains one distinct sign, when you hear it for the first time, and you don't get it. You would need some time. And ones you hear it - that's it.
  6. Live at Gogol Str.
    by Septa
    Earth to Bella (live) Earth to Bella (live)
  7. Intro to Advanced Poetry
    by The Nietzsche
    Oscar Wild Oscar Wild