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  1. Raul Parra - True Blood
    by Raul Parra
  2. Someone I know
    by Stranger
  3. Raul Parra - The Crow
    by Raul Parra
  4. The Never Ending Quest
    by Adam X
  5. All Of It (The Horrorist)
    by Tropical Goth Records
  6. What You Believe Is True
    by Codex Empire
  7. Raul Parra - 139
    by Raul Parra
  8. Kanaga
    by Codex Empire
  9. Viper Island (Original Mix)
    by Bleeding.Midi
  10. Repetition
    by FenixForce
  11. Havouza EP [KAFTA005]
    by ANFS
  12. Strange Mind
    by Airod
  13. Occupations
    by INHALT
  14. Collected tracks 05-10
    by sulphuric saliva
  15. Mirage
    by Tim Tama
  16. Return to the Shadow Realm
    by Hex Wolves
  17. Shades Of Black EP
    by Dahlia
  18. Outworlds, Part One
    by Colin Cameron Allrich
  19. Kenji Kawai "Ghost in the shell" (Atze Ton Break Down Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
    by Atze Ton
  20. Black Corner Den
    by Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast
  21. Colpo Di Mano Nella Zona Grigia
    by Carnera
  22. Stallion's Stud - STLLNSSTD
    by Stallion's Stud
  23. In Your Arms
    by Kris Baha
  24. Upgrade
    by SLYRS
  25. Zagam - Magoa (Istigkeit Romantic Destruction Remix)
    by Instinkt
  26. BR-015/TEMPLAR
    by Beryllium
  27. B2] Younger Than Me - Ceremony
    by Younger Than Me
  28. New Physics EP
    by Norwell
  29. Subdued by Reality (Rune Bagge Remix)
    by Niclas Erlandsson, Rune Bagge, Subjected
  30. Syntax Error (Draugr Remix)
    by Tassid
  31. VELDT - Ground Floor
    by Veldt
  32. Syntax Error (Brecc Remix)
    by Tassid
  33. Anthro - Dismembered Dolls & Cracked Skulls [Scalameriya remix]
    by Anthro - Scalameriya - JoeFarr
  34. Alessandro Nero - Seitenka (Endlec Remix)
  35. Let It Begin ( Phase Fatale remix)
    by Fixmer/mccarthy
    by Vittorio Di Mango
  37. Entrainment
    by Tomohiko Sagae
  38. SFORMATOR 1 [PBD14]
    by Black Merlin
    by EVIL DUST
  40. RX99Z7TY (Brecc Remix)
    by Antony Doria
  41. Join In The Ranks
    by UVB
  42. Fifth Circle
    by HellfireRecords
    appears in 1 other collection
  43. Bleed
    by Cody L. Lobbestael
  44. A2 - Police Brutality
    by Nuit Noire
  45. Attack
    by Heckmann & Henze